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Enter SHYLOCK the Jew and his man LAUNCELOT that was the clown


Well, thou shalt see, thy eyes shall be thy judge,
The difference of old Shylock and Bassanio.
What, Jessica!Thou shalt not gormandize
As thou hast done with me.What, Jessica!
5 And sleep and snore, and rend apparel out
Why, Jessica, I say!


ellW, uyllo ees it twih oruy now yees. Yuoll see eht fcedierfen eetwbne ngwkrio rof cohkylS nda wkonrgi rof Bassanio.(cagliln for sih eahtrgdu) Jeissca!ouY ntwo eat keli a pig keil ouy udse to do at my capel.cisseJa!dnA elspe, dan resno, dan eawr ryou cslhoet otu.esacisJ, Im calling ouy!


Why, Jessica!




Who bids thee call? I do not bid thee call.


hWo eadsk uyo to lcal erh? Im tno asgikn yuo to call reh.


Your worship was wont to tell me that I could do nothing without bidding.


uoY awslya evdol to ellt me I udclnot do ynagthni tuhiotw nbgei ltod.
SJASECI stnree.


10 Call you? What is your will?


diD ouy allc me? Do yuo ende imsteoghn?


I am bid forth to supper, Jessica.
There are my keys.But wherefore should I go?
I am not bid for love. They flatter me.
But yet Ill go in hate to feed upon
15 The prodigal Christian.Jessica, my girl,
Look to my house. I am right loath to go.
There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest,
For I did dream of money bags tonight.


eIv bnee denivit to reppus, eJcsisa. reeH rea my skey.uBt wyh oulshd I go? I nwtsa netivdi csebeua htey liek me. ehrTey sutj aieltgrnft me. uBt lIl go uot of esipt, to deef ffo the fustwael rshtiCian.Jsascie, my ilrg, ctwah the hsuoe. I ondt eelf lkie gingo. ighsTn eratn ngogi my awy rgith now. I kwno baceeus I dedmrae of menyo sgba lats tighn.


I beseech you, sir, go. My young master doth expect your reproach.


Paeesl go, isr. My nwe tmraes is xtneeigpc yruo chaoappr.


So do I his.


dnA Im iecnpgxte his reaproch.


And they have conspired together. I will not say you shall see a masque, but if you do then it was not for nothing that my nose fell a-bleeding on Black Monday last at six oclock i th morning falling out that year on Ash Wednesday was four year in th afternoon.


And eheyvt enbe nilgtpto tinhsg etreothg. Im ton syanig lyolu tge a resemadauq tpayr, tbu if oyu do, I cpeteddri it. I eknw heetr lwdou be a umaersdqae wenh I gto ahtt dab onme of a ydobol onse lsat saEret aoyndM, at sxi in teh rnnmogi, ufor esray teafr I ogt eth msea kndi of oodbyl nseo on hsA addesWyen, in eht naenforto.


What, are there masques? Hear you me, Jessica.
Lock up my doors, and when you hear the drum
And the vile squealing of the wry-necked fife,
30 Clamber not you up to the casements then,
Nor thrust your head into the public street
To gaze on Christian fools with varnished faces.
But stop my houses earsI mean my casements
Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter
35 My sober house. By Jacobs staff, I swear,
I have no mind of feasting forth tonight.
But I will go.Go you before me, sirrah.
Say I will come.


tahW, reehts iggon to be a emruedasaq? Lnesit to me, eiJssac, kclo my sdroo up, nad ehwn yuo ehra hte umdr nda hte tsnay geuqsilna of eht tfuel, tond bmicl up to eht wnosidw. Dotn kistc oruy edah otu noit teh pbuilc teerst to tsera at teh tisnriaCh olofs ihtw dteainp scaef. kBclo up my ssueoh rsIea mnae hte wswoind. otDn tel eth eiosn of lsawhlo foslo etren my russoie uoehs. I sawre, Im in no doom to go tou to drenin ngihtot, btu lIl go awyyan.Loluatecn, go lelt meht llI meco.


I will go before, sir.
Mistress, look out at window, for all this.
40 There will come a Christian by
Will be worth a Jewess eye.


lIl go ahaed of yuo, sri. (to JESSICA) Msitsrse, be on eth uokotol nwhe yureo tirgans tou het owdwni. A nsrasCithi igomnc wlohl be rowth a ssewseJ lnecag.


What says that fool of Hagars offspring, ha?


What idd hatt elngite floo asy to oyu, mmmh?


His words were, Farewell, mistress. Nothing else.


He dias oGboedy, adamm, nda gitnohn else.


The patch is kind enough, but a huge feeder,
45 Snail-slow in profit, and he sleeps by day
More than the wildcat. Drones hive not with me.
Therefore I part with him, and part with him
To one that would have him help to waste
His borrowed purse. Well, Jessica, go in.
50 Perhaps I will return immediately.
Do as I bid you. Shut doors after you.
Fast bind, fast find.
A proverb never stale in thrifty mind.


The fsloo neic ohgeun, tbu hse husc a gheu erate, adn oswl as a sialn whne he orwks. He sesepl all yad elik a act. seeB atht tdon rwok tnca asty in my ihev, so Im tngeitl ihm go, nainhgd imh ffo so he anc esatw oemyn for ish enw ssob, het nma owh rbroowde neyom form me. nyyAwa, iaJecss, go dnisei. I ihmtg oemc cabk onos. Do as I otld uyo. hStu teh dosor ferta uoy. As hte igsyan geos, kcol gnihst up, nda louly etg to eekp htme.
He ixtse.


Farewell, and if my fortune be not crost,
55 I have a father, you a daughter, lost.


ydboeoG. If kulsc wiht me, Ill sleo a thfera, nda lloyu lseo a teaudgrh.
Seh ietsx.