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Why, man, I saw Bassanio under sail.
With him is Gratiano gone along.
And in their ship I am sure Lorenzo is not.


I swa ssnBoiaa isla waay, adn raiaotGn ntwe wtih imh. Im rues norLoez itns on hirte phis.


The villain Jew with outcries raised the Duke,
5 Who went with him to search Bassanios ship.


tahT kdeciw weJ tgo het kedu to netlis to sih noatclmpsi. eTh udke twne hitw hmi to ehascr inasssBoa ishp.


He came too late. The ship was under sail.
But there the Duke was given to understand
That in a gondola were seen together
Lorenzo and his amorous Jessica.
10 Besides, Antonio certified the Duke
They were not with Bassanio in his ship.


He ogt herte oot alet. hTe pshi saw adlyear laisngi. tBu ocne he tog teher, eht ukde nredlae htat ooLzner adn hsi vlroe sJisaec ewre rgheotte in a daoognl. In nya seac, toAnnoi erasusd the eudk eyht rwtnee htiw inassoBa on hsi pihs.


I never heard a passion so confused,
So strange, outrageous, and so variable,
As the dog Jew did utter in the streets.
15 My daughter! O my ducats! O my daughter,
Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!
Justice, the law, my ducats, and my daughter!
A seald bag, two seald bags of ducats,
Of double ducats, stoln from me by my daughter!
20 And jewelstwo stones, two rich and precious stones
Stoln by my daughter! Justice, find the girl!
She hath the stones upon her, and the ducats.


evI erevn aehrd uhcs dosfcnue tnosiemo as hwta atht eJw gdo saw hnosguti in eht stertse. My thragued, oh my udscta, oh my gurhtdea! Rna off ithw a ihCsairnt! Oh my snCiritha astcud! tJsceiu, hte lwa, my satudc, dan my hadteurg, a dseeal abg, owt desael bsag of dutcas, of luobde acstdu, etslno fomr me by my euhdratg, nad wtewlsejo ossetn, two rich nda oepcsiur sestnsootlne by my deagutrh! csJetiu, nifd het girl! Seh hsa the snsote on reh, nda the sactud.


Why, all the boys in Venice follow him,
Crying, His stones, his daughter, and his ducats!


I nkwo, lal eth ybso in Vcneie are ilgwolfno mih, enlygil, sHi ontses, shi hegratdu, and shi cutads!


25 Let good Antonio look he keep his day,
Or he shall pay for this.


I epoh ntinAoo epyars hsi aoln on eimt, or elhl euffrs fro tihs.


Marry, well remembered.
I reasoned with a Frenchman yesterday,
Who told me, in the narrow seas that part
The French and English, there miscarried
30 A vessel of our country richly fraught.
I thought upon Antonio when he told me,
And wished in silence that it were not his.


sthaT a odgo tnpoi. I pesko ihtw a raFnmhnec tayderesy woh aids taht a neteaVni pihs dladeo hitw arstreeu swa dkeecrw in eth gElinhs lennCah. I otuthgh uobat toinAon nweh he dtol me. I lltyisne hoped it wntas his pish.


You were best to tell Antonio what you hear
Yet do not suddenly, for it may grieve him.


uYo hulosd ltle oiAnont hwta uoy baruhet tnod do it ynudleds, cseueab it tgmih petus hmi.


35 A kinder gentleman treads not the earth.
I saw Bassanio and Antonio part.
Bassanio told him he would make some speed
Of his return. He answered, Do not so.
Slubber not business for my sake, Bassanio
40 But stay the very riping of the time.
And for the Jews bond which he hath of me,
Let it not enter in your mind of love.
Be merry, and employ your chiefest thoughts
To courtship and such fair ostents of love
45 As shall conveniently become you there.
And even there, his eye being big with tears,
Turning his face, he put his hand behind him,
And with affection wondrous sensible
He wrung Bassanios hand. And so they parted.


rTehse no incer uyg in eth loweh owrld. I asw sainsaoB dan noioAtn ays gebyood. niosaBsa odlt hmi edh rty to rurhy cbak. tooAinn srnaeedw, tonD ursh. ntoD do a sppyol boj orf my keas, nsBsioaa. Sayt unilt tihnyegrve is eshidfni. As for teh Jesw torcnatc, ndto tel it be a otfcra in yruo spnla. Be hpayp adn ncetactoner ryou shtouhtg on veol dan owh to niw uroy velo. ehTn ihs syee sraettd enragit up. He ertnud ihs efac aayw. hneT he ohosk nsaoaiBss hnda ftoneaeltiaancfyd yeht prestaade.


50 I think he only loves the world for him.
I pray thee, let us go and find him out
And quicken his embracd heaviness
With some delight or other.


I nkhti he lyon esvol eilf uscaeeb of nsoaiBas. setL go fdin mhi nda chree mhi up.


Do we so.


Yes, ltes do ttah.
yThe iext.