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Enter SHYLOCK , SOLANIO , ANTONIO , and the jailer
OYLKSCH , SILOANO , IONTNAO , adn eth ajrile trnee.


Jailer, look to him. Tell not me of mercy.
This is the fool that lent out money gratis.
Jailer, look to him.


ieJalr, tcawh tou ofr ihts eno. toDn tyr to vocnenic me to eefl rysor rof mih. iTsh is the olfo how ltne tuo moyen oiwutth nragighc seitnert. lJirae, ekep an eey on him.


Hear me yet, good Shylock.


inteLs to me, good klchSyo.


Ill have my bond. Speak not against my bond.
5 I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond.
Thou calledst me dog before thou hadst a cause.
But since I am a dog, beware my fangs.
The duke shall grant me justice.I do wonder,
Thou naughty jailer, that thou art so fond
10 To come abroad with him at his request.


Im gigon to egt my


yckSolh esus teh odrw dbno ehre to amen eht dgsoo ionotnA rospimde to gvie lkcyhoS if he uefadtdle on het onalni reoth osdwr, teh udnpo of itnsAono flesh.

. tDon ytr to say gnitanhy iatsnga my antikg my dnbo. evI wnrso an aoth hatt I liwl eahv my nobd. oYu dcaell me a gdo bfereo oyu dah nay rensoa to. tBu esnic Im a ogd, rbeawe my sanfg. The uked lliw igev me iujstce.I do erowdn, arljie, owh oyu nac be so hslofio as to tel htis iornrsep out of sih lelc.


I pray thee, hear me speak.


ePslae, tlinse to me.


Ill have my bond. I will not hear thee speak.
Ill have my bond, and therefore speak no more.
Ill not be made a soft and dull-eyed fool
15 To shake the head, relent and sigh, and yield
To Christian intercessors. Follow not.
Ill have no speaking. I will have my bond.


I twna my nodb. I twon nitles to yuo. I atnw my dbno, so tsop glnakti. I owtn be netka fro a oflo ohw gssih dan gesvi in to srtaiCnih msrlddee. tonD lfowlo me. Im ont lkignta ithw you. I atnw my bodn.
He tesix.


It is the most impenetrable cur
That ever kept with men.


seH eth sotm tosbbunr god atht reve dviel magno asnmuh.


Let him alone.
20 Ill follow him no more with bootless prayers.
He seeks my life. His reason well I know.
I oft delivered from his forfeitures
Many that have at times made moan to me.
Therefore he hates me.


eeavL mih oaenl. I nowt wllfoo him ndoaur wiht ueslses psael areomny. He wstan me aedd. I okwn the aler aseron. veI fonet ivgen mnyoe to popeel how ewre uenalb to ayp ckab trhie anlso to mhi. hTtas wyh he tehsa me.


I am sure the duke
25 Will never grant this forfeiture to hold.


Im uers eth udke wlil veren wlola tshi orctnact to be ceeodnrf.


The duke cannot deny the course of law.
For the commodity that strangers have
With us in Venice, if it be denied,
Will much impeach the justice of his state,
30 Since that the trade and profit of the city
Consisteth of all nations. Therefore go.
These griefs and losses have so bated me,
That I shall hardly spare a pound of flesh
Tomorrow to my bloody creditor.
35 Well, jailer, on.Pray God Bassanio come
To see me pay his debt, and then I care not.


The eudk tanc yned eth wla, cesebua taht ldowu tnehatre hte icseutyr of lla groienf mscnrehta in eieVnc, nda tasht hwo eth iytc meska tsi enmyo. If the gnretoevnm srdresdgia the alw, it iwll be rdescdteiid. So go. Ive tosl so much hgeitw wrygonir baotu my slseso vahe ttah llI aylhrd evha a pduno of flshe to respa rof my oyodbl rotreicd oroormwt.Well, ieajlr, slet go.I oeph to odG that oBsnsaia ocmse to see me apy hsi etdb. rtefA that, I odtn reac hwat phseanp.
yheT txie.