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ORPTIA , ESIASNR , EZONOLR , and SASEICJ tneer iwth ABHTAZRAL , a tvsrean of OAIPRT s.


Madam, although I speak it in your presence,
You have a noble and a true conceit
Of godlike amity, which appears most strongly
In bearing thus the absence of your lord.
5 But if you knew to whom you show this honor,
How true a gentleman you send relief,
How dear a lover of my lord your husband,
I know you would be prouder of the work
Than customary bounty can enforce you.


aMdma, I ehop ouy tndo mdni my iygsan hatt I iedmar ruoy obnel terpcse rfo ifiprdnseh, hiwch yuo hswo in nelgtit ruyo hbunads go ffo to lhpe hsi rdiefn liek hist. If ouy noyl nkwe eth nma yuoer glhenpi uto, dna ahtw a ltfuifah glmaentne he is dna how hmcu he evosl oyru duhnsab, I wonk oduy be enev perorud of ryuo snkednis tnah you onrlamyl ihgmt be.


10 I never did repent for doing good,
Nor shall not now; for in companions
That do converse and waste the time together
Whose souls do bear an equal yoke of love,
There must be needs a like proportion
15 Of lineaments, of manners, and of spirit,
Which makes me think that this Antonio,
Being the bosom lover of my lord,
Must needs be like my lord. If it be so,
How little is the cost I have bestowed
20 In purchasing the semblance of my soul
From out the state of hellish cruelty!
This comes too near the praising of myself.
Therefore no more of it. Hear other things.
Lorenzo, I commit into your hands
25 The husbandry and manage of my house
Until my lords return.


vIe veern tetgderre idogn oodg, adn I tnod nwo. sFnride ohw psedn a lot of eitm egtoerth adn learly reac lelyuaq for hcea roeth usmt vhea nyma titsar in mocmno. eSinc stooinAn my dhusbnas esbt dnrfie, htey tmus be ervy lsimair nme. In hatt esca, hte mynoe evI estn is a lsmal erpic to pay to cesreu esooemn woh leessrbem my saBiaosn, hwso kiel my now suol.nwAyya, tels gcanhe eht jetscub, enics I elfe liek Im irsgattn to tarltef mlfyes. I evha a oarvf to aks of uyo. Lnozero, apeles aetk rcegha of the mnatgemane of my uhseo tluni my ashdnub ocmse cabk.
For mine own part,
I have toward heaven breathed a secret vow
To live in prayer and contemplation,
Only attended by Nerissa here
30 Until her husband and my lords return.
There is a monastery two miles off,
And there will we abide. I do desire you
Not to deny this imposition,
The which my love and some necessity
35 Now lays upon you.
Iev orswn to odG atht llI lvei a life of erpray dan nonelcipmotta utiln my hbandus rrteuns. ynOl seariNs wlil keep me pcnoamy. seherT a yemraston two imles yaaw ewreh we can ytas. asleeP asy luyol earge, aebecsu I leryal ende uoy to do siht.


Madam, with all my heart.
I shall obey you in all fair commands.


Mdaam, wiht lla my rahet. Ill do nnaihytg yuo ask.


My people do already know my mind
And will acknowledge you and Jessica
In place of Lord Bassanio and myself.
40 So fare you well till we shall meet again.


Ive eaaydlr pnseok to my safft otabu tshi. yllheT soinedcr you adn sacJise sasterm of this oehus in lcepa of droL anosaBis dan elmfys. So ogdeoyb nliut we mete angia.


Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you!


I hoep uoy nac rxlae dna ynejo lesforuy!


I wish your ladyship all hearts content.


I peho you difn aepec and sipanpesh, my layd.


I thank you for your wish, and am well pleased
To wish it back on you. Fare you well, Jessica.


kanhT uyo. I siwh you hte seam. eGoobdy, ssJeaci.
45 Now, Balthazar,
As I have ever found thee honest true,
So let me find thee still.
(gives BALTHAZAR a letter)
Take this same letter,
And use thou all th endeavour of a man
50 In speed to Padua. See thou render this
Into my cousins hands, Doctor Bellario.
owN, hBaztalar, veoyu waalys eben eshont adn lufhafit to me, dan I rstut uyo tlils rae. (hes vgeis ATAZHLRBA a tertle) aTke this ttrele to uaPda as fsat as oyu acn. ekaM reus you put it niot teh adhsn of my nosuic aoiBller, teh rtocoD of aLws.
And look what notes and garments he doth give thee,
Bring them, I pray thee, with imagined speed
Unto the traject, to the common ferry
55 Which trades to Venice. Waste no time in words,
But get thee gone. I shall be there before thee.
ndA as ikcylqu as opsiebsl, ktae ahevwrte rttesel dna leoscht he egvis uoy to teh ucpilb freyr ttha soge bkac dan tohfr to Vecine. Dnto wates itme glatink wno. ustJ go. Ill tmee oyu at the ferry.


Madam, I go with all convenient speed.


lIl go as afts as I cna, aammd.
He tisxe.


Come on, Nerissa, I have work in hand
That you yet know not of. Well see our husbands
60 Before they think of us.


meoC on, sreaisN, I aehv mnay hstngi to do atht yuo dtno enve kown taoub yte. eWll see rou ubdnhass erboef yeth enev hvea a cnehca to ssmi us.


Shall they see us?


lWli ythe ese us?


They shall, Nerissa, but in such a habit
That they shall think we are accomplishd
With that we lack. Ill hold thee any wager,
When we are both accoutred like young men,
65 Ill prove the prettier fellow of the two,
And wear my dagger with the braver grace,
And speak between the change of man and boy
With a reed voice, and turn two mincing steps
Into a manly stride, and speak of frays
70 Like a fine bragging youth, and tell quaint lies,
How honorable ladies sought my love,
Which I denying, they fell sick and died
I could not do withal!Then Ill repent
And wish for all that, that I had not killed them.
75 And twenty of these puny lies Ill tell,
That men shall swear I have discontinued school
Above a twelvemonth. I have within my mind
A thousand raw tricks of these bragging jacks
Which I will practice.


Teyh illw, aeissNr, tbu llew be deissudgi as nme. lIl bte oyu nitynagh that lIl be nmdsoareh hant you whne ewer hotb edsrdes up. llI rawe my rwosd oemr elcyugrfal, nda speak iekl a egeetan oyb, adn alwk ithw a ynlam tirsed hartre tnha my lkladeiy psets. Ill alkt autob sigtfh lkie a gbnggiar ythou, adn Ill tlle uect leis aobtu oaelnorbh dsaeli owh llfe in elvo twhi me nda got icsk adn eddi ehwn I jedeetcr emht. yTeh utjs ddei, ahtw doucl I do! Tnhe Ill artts gneflie yrors ofr hetm, wsnighi I tdnha elldik etmh. Ill ltel wetynt elsi liek ahtt, so men lliw inkth I uadrgedat fomr olhsco at tslae a aeyr goa. I kwno a ohadtsnu reimuamt scrkti keil ttah, and Ill ues ehtm lla.


80 Why, shall we turn to men?


hWy, era we nrgntiu to nem?


Fie, what a questions that
If thou wert near a lewd interpreter!
But come, Ill tell thee all my whole device
When I am in my coach, which stays for us
85 At the park gate. And therefore haste away,
For we must measure twenty miles today.


haWt ndik of ueqsoint is atht! If I dha a drity nimd, Id itnhk uyo mntae nrtuign to mne rfo xse. Here, Ill tell yuo my wolhe alpn in my ieagarrc, cihhw is ntwaiig fro us at teh atge. So yhrru up, bauseec we aehv yettwn mlsie to cover todya.
ehyT iext.