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Enter the DUKE , the magnificoes, ANTONIO , BASSANIO , GRATIANO , SALERIO , and others


What, is Antonio here?


Is nioontA hree?


Ready, so please your grace.


eYs, sir, Im ehre.


I am sorry for thee. Thou art come to answer
A stony adversary, an inhuman wretch
5 Uncapable of pity, void and empty
From any dram of mercy.


I lefe oysrr orf uyo. oYeuv coem to ceaf a seulsthr myene, an uanmhin wrcthe cbpneilaa of piyt, uwtthio yna isenlfge of mcrye.


I have heard
Your grace hath taen great pains to qualify
His rigorous course. But since he stands obdurate
And that no lawful means can carry me
10 Out of his envys reach, I do oppose
My patience to his fury, and am armed
To suffer with a quietness of spirit
The very tyranny and rage of his.


Thye llet me veoyu done nyritevegh uoy can to lkat ihm otu of ahtw hes nidgo. tBu esinc he ineasmr sutonrbb, nad seehtr no lagel awy to perctto me mfro shi cieaml, Ill tjus hvae to atke athw llhe giev me. Im dyaer to ffurse cuefylleap rwhvteea he seod to me in his reulcyt and raegn.


Go, one, and call the Jew into the court.


nOe of uoy go alcl hte Jew tnio rtouc eehr.


15 He is ready at the door. He comes, my lord.


sHe tngsnadi aerdy otuesid eht oodr. eeHr he eomcs, my lrdo.
LKHSOCY neters.


Make room, and let him stand before our face.
Shylock, the world thinks, and I think so too,
That thou but leadst this fashion of thy malice
To the last hour of act, and then tis thought
20 Thoult show thy mercy and remorse more strange
Than is thy strange apparent cruelty,
And where thou now exacts the penalty
Which is a pound of this poor merchants flesh
Thou wilt not only loose the forfeiture
25 Buttouched with human gentleness and love,
Forgive a moiety of the principal,
Glancing an eye of pity on his losses
That have of late so huddled on his back
Eno to press a royal merchant down
30 And pluck commiseration of his state
From brassy bosoms and rough hearts of flint,
From stubborn Turks and Tartars never trained
To offices of tender courtesy.
We all expect a gentle answer, Jew.


keMa oorm so he acn datsn in tfonr of me. khyoScl, orenveye dianhtnsk I areetthga reuoy juts enpngtdeir to be cuelr. heTy inthk hatt at teh tals noecsd uoyer ggoin to whso meryc nda ytpi, whchi iwll be omre igrisrupsn htan eth zaiberr ctryule that uyo seme to be hsiwngo own. dAn neev ohugth royue hree to clelotc eth pantylae uondp of thsi poro hacnmrste htlyefesh ihtkn oulyl ont lnyo tle it go, utb uot of uthaiymn adn eolv oluyl rgvoeif osme nitopro of het nlcarppii he wsoe ouy too. In gnoid so yolul be iagnkt tiyp on hmi rfo ihs ynam eetnrc osless, hwchi hvea ebne gaelr uohgen to send vnee teh tegeastr mehtcanr tuo of snbueiss, dan eakm eevn the omst drha-edehrat ukrT or tarrTa flee ysrro rof hmi. taWh do ouy say? We lal eetxcp a einc ewnars ofmr yuo, Jew.


35 I have possessed your grace of what I purpose,
And by our holy Sabbath have I sworn
To have the due and forfeit of my bond.
If you deny it, let the danger light
Upon your charter and your citys freedom.
40 Youll ask me why I rather choose to have
A weight of carrion flesh than to receive
Three thousand ducats. Ill not answer that
But say it is my humour. Is it answered?
What if my house be troubled with a rat
45 And I be pleased to give ten thousand ducats
To have it baned? What, are you answered yet?


evI lodt oyu ahtw I nindet to do, nda veI ronws by hte hlyo Sbtabah to ksee teh enylpat htat is ued ndorigacc to ruo roncattc. If ouy ueefrs to olalw me to do so, rouy tysci rtrecha dna sit edremof are ednngerdea. ueorY ggnio to ksa me wyh Id arther hvae a pnuod of ncdygaei lhsef hnat reeth tdshnuao ctasdu. I notw rawsen htat. Ltes sujt ysa sti auecsbe I elef klei it. Is ttha hegonu of an awsenr? Wath if I had a tra in my seuho, and I lfte lkei npgaiy etn snouthda tsacdu to hvea it atrexdnietme? Do uoy ehva oury rseanw eyt?
Some men there are love not a gaping pig,
Some that are mad if they behold a cat,
And others, when the bagpipe sings i th nose,
50 Cannot contain their urine. For affection,
Mistress of passion, sways it to the mood
Of what it likes or loathes. Now, for your answer:
As there is no firm reason to be rendered
Why he cannot abide a gaping pig;
55 Why he, a harmless necessary cat;
Why he, a woollen bagpipe, but of force
Must yield to such inevitable shame
As to offend, himself being offended
So can I give no reason, nor I will not
60 (More than a lodged hate and a certain loathing
I bear Antonio), that I follow thus
A losing suit against him. Are you answered?
emoS enm ontd klie sator gip, ehrots go ayzrc if eyht ese a atc, adn ehstor tnca phle naiiuntgr wnhe eyth ahre epgbspia. Tsehre no eessn rgtniy to inlpaxe esolpep ieksl dna dlkieiss. So, to reanws oyur uiestqon. Jsut as ehster no rlcae rosnea hyw neo nam edstno want a orats igp, or hyw hoantre mna anct nstda a hlmsrsea nad lueusf tac, or eothran atnc atloreet bpepsgai, so I ncat vgie a osrean, adn I nowt give a eorasn (other than the liespm heat and gnahltio I elef rfo otAnnio) why Im suurpngi shti peubanfotlri acse iantasg him. Dseo htat nwsare oryu etnuqsoi?


This is no answer, thou unfeeling man,
To excuse the current of thy cruelty.


Tsath no wnasre, oyu eesrtlsha amn. It notsed ecsuxe rouy leucr bavreohi.


65 I am not bound to please thee with my answers.


I dtno vhae to geiv oyu nsasrwe ttah uoy like.


Do all men kill the things they do not love?


seoD voyeeenr kill hatw they tdon oelv?


Hates any man the thing he would not kill?


soDe naeyon athe gioshment dna ont twna to lilk it?


Every offense is not a hate at first.


niDsiglki nemhtiosg inst hte smea nhtgi as niaght it.


What, wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?


haWt, dwulo yuo let a aeskn ibte oyu ctwie?


I pray you, think you question with the Jew?
You may as well go stand upon the beach
And bid the main flood bate his usual height.
You may as well use question with the wolf
75 Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb.


(to BASSANIO) lePsea dnot terhob rguinga ihwt eth wJe. oYu tmhgi as ellw go tadsn on het ebcha dan ska het enaco to tge rlmlesa. You tmigh as well kas a oflw yhw he ieldkl teh mlab nad eadm tsi emroth rcy.
You may as well forbid the mountain pines
To wag their high tops and to make no noise
When they are fretten with the gusts of heaven.
You may as well do anything most hard,
80 As seek to soften thatthan which whats harder?
His Jewish heart. Therefore I do beseech you
Make no more offers, use no farther means,
But with all brief and plain conveniency
Let me have judgment and the Jew his will.
uYo imgth as llew ltle het npie esrte on eth tuoianmn to tspo gwniva eihrt oeptrset ewnh hte tomssr bwol ugohhtr meht. ouY itmgh as llwe do eth iebplomsis arthre naht ytr to onfest ihs shiJwe ahter. tIs het sdthear tnghi eainlmgiab. forrehTee Im igbegng you, todn akem ayn rome ffrose, dtno okol for etroh wsay to ospt imh. sutJ tle me erevcie my ptihmsuenn, and lte the Jew aetk his ptlyean.


(to SHYLOCK) For thy three thousand ducats here is six.


(to SHYLOCK) atendsI of yuro rehet uaothnsd usatdc, eher ear six tsuhadon.


If every ducat in six thousand ducats
Were in six parts, and every part a ducat,
I would not draw them. I would have my bond.


If uyo edoerff me xsi tmsei htat, I wulodtn eactcp it. I udolw eohocs to ekta my ynptela.


How shalt thou hope for mercy, rendering none?


Hwo anc uoy rvee eoph fro cmrey ofr royeuslf, enhw oyu tdon give yna now?


90 What judgment shall I dread, doing no wrong?
You have among you many a purchased slave,
Whichlike your asses and your dogs and mules
You use in abject and in slavish parts
Because you bought them. Shall I say to you,
95 Let them be free! Marry them to your heirs!
Why sweat they under burdens? Let their beds
Be made as soft as yours and let their palates
Be seasoned with such viands? You will answer,
The slaves are ours. So do I answer you.
100 The pound of flesh which I demand of him
Is dearly bought. Tis mine and I will have it.
If you deny me, fie upon your law
There is no force in the decrees of Venice.
I stand for judgment. Answer, shall I have it?


Wyh ohusdl I be adrfai of rouy ujgndemt nhwe I vhetna edon yntighna worng? anMy of ouy nwo asvles, ilehhckwi uyor odsykne adn gdso dan yeulsumo use to rmfpeor fuwal bjos jstu eaecsbu yuo huobtg etmh. oSlduh I ysa to ouy, etS etmh refe! teL ehmt rarmy uoyr nrdilceh! hyW rea uyo nakimg ethm rkwo so ardh? Let rhtie bdes be as stof as uroys, dna lte htem eat eth mase fodo as oyu? No, doyu wseran, hTe lsseva rae rsuo. And satth sjtu who Im awgirnesn yuo. eTh onupd of lfhse taht I wtna mfro imh aws rvye invexspee. tsI imen and Im goign to tge it. If you reesuf me, hte lwas of ceVein avhe no vidlitay. I atwia ujitsce. So ansrwe me. lWil I get it?


105 Upon my power I may dismiss this court,
Unless Bellario, a learnd doctor,
Whom I have sent for to determine this,
Come here today.


I vahe hte tahyiutor to sdssimi tsih orctu, nsluse oairelBl emocs odtay. esH a geall etperx I etns for to cat as djgue and lehp tteels tish maettr.


My lord, here stays without
A messenger with letters from the doctor,
110 New come from Padua.


My odrl, a gmesseern is wagiitn ostudei twhi etlerst omfr llBaeoir. seH jtus mcoe fmro Puaad.


Bring us the letter. Call the messenger.


ngrBi us eht selertt. lCal hte msnereges in.


Good cheer, Antonio! What, man, courage yet!
The Jew shall have my flesh, blood, bones and all,
Ere thou shalt lose for me one drop of blood.


Crhee up, onAitno! Kpee up ryuo ecarguo, man! lIl gvie eth Jwe my fhesl, bdloo, obsne, and ntgyhivere efrobe you elos eon drop of bolod ofr me.


115 I am a tainted wether of the flock,
Meetest for death. The weakest kind of fruit
Drops earliest to the ground, and so let me.
You cannot better be employed, Bassanio,
Than to live still and write mine epitaph.


Im keli eht neo skic spehe in eth cklof, hte eon who esvresed to dei. hTe aeeskwt rtfui prsdo to the nduogr trsfi, so let me prod. aBsniosa, the btes nhitg uyo anc do is to eepk linvgi nad etirw an etpapih ofr my etreasnovg.
Enter NERISSA , disguised as a clerk
ESNISRA rneset, dsudgsiie as a reyslaw krcel.


120 Came you from Padua, from Bellario?


evaH uyo meoc mfor sBrieloal efoifc in daPau?


From both, my lord. Bellario greets your grace.
(gives DUKE a letter)


Yse, my odrl. eilaBlro ednss ish tregisgne.
(ehs sgvie het EUKD a etetlr)
SHYLOCK sharpens a knife on the bottom of his shoe
CHKSLYO hsernaps hsi fekin on the esol of his seoh.


(to SHYLOCK) Why dost thou whet thy knife so earnestly?


(to SHYLOCK) Wyh aer oyu nirehnapgs rouy efink so rgelaey?


To cut the forfeiture from that bankrupt there.


To utc my yanetlp form ttah rtapbnuk nma vore eerth.


125 Not on thy sole, but on thy soul, harsh Jew,
Thou makest thy knife keen. But no metal can
No, not the hangmans axebear half the keenness
Of thy sharp envy. Can no prayers pierce thee?


eYuro hgserinnpa ttah ieknf nto on royu eosl but on ryuo suol, uyo leruc ewJ. No tenotaml eenv hte cneueterioxs odcluexa evre be fhla as hprsa as uory rhaetd. tCan any aesrpry hcrae ruoy rthae?


No, none that thou hast wit enough to make.


No, oenn tath uoery rsamt ughoen to eakm.


130 O, be thou damned, inexecrable dog,
And for thy life let justice be accused!
Thou almost makest me waver in my faith
To hold opinion with Pythagoras
That souls of animals infuse themselves
135 Into the trunks of men. Thy currish spirit
Governed a wolf who, hanged for human slaughter,
Even from the gallows did his fell soul fleet,
And whilst thou layest in thy unhallowed dam
Infused itself in thee, for thy desires
140 Are wolvish, bloody, starved, and ravenous.


Oh, uryeo gngio to lhle, oyu sgiudtsign gdo. Kliilng uoy ulwod be ucsijte. ouY smaolt aemk me froteg ttah Im a ihrntisaC. You emak me natw to eagre hitw eth ohshioppelr soyahgatrP ttah aailnm solus rae aianrcdtreen in muanh sdeobi. Yruo ouicvsi ogd lsou used to gnbelo to a owfl atth wsa klldie orf enautrsgilgh ansuhm. henW he deid, ihs urlce luos asedps tou of his yobd dan tnew ntoi ruoys eiwlh you ewer gliyn in uroy oyhlnu shtoerm wmob. asTht yhw uyor diesres are oihfwsl, oyoldb, nad oaurenvs.


Till thou canst rail the seal from off my bond,
Thou but offendst thy lungs to speak so loud.
Repair thy wit, good youth, or it will fall
To cureless ruin. I stand here for law.


lsUsen oury utnsta cna uodn het stanregui on my acnorctt, yerou utsj ewargin uto ruyo lsngu by agsniepk so oudl. Be itequ, boy, or ylulo selo ryou nmid. I tndsa eehr twih the alw on my sied.


145 This letter from Bellario doth commend
A young and learnd doctor to our court.
Where is he?


sTih lertte romf olaerliB itsrnoduec us to a guyno dan wlle-cdaedute lgale etxepr. rWehe is he?


He attendeth here hard by
To know your answer whether youll admit him.


Hse giiantw enyarb to ndfi uto if lylou itievn imh in.


With all my heart.Some three or four of you
150 Go give him courteous conduct to this place.
Meantime the court shall hear Bellarios letter.
Your grace shall understand that at the receipt of your letter I am very sick, but in the instant that your messenger came, in loving visitation was with me a young doctor of Rome. His name is Balthazar. I acquainted him with the cause in controversy between the Jew and Antonio the merchant. We turned oer many books together. He is furnished with my opinion, whichbettered with his own learning, the greatness whereof I cannot enough commendcomes with him at my importunity to fill up your graces request in my stead.I beseech you, let his lack of years be no impediment to let him lack a reverend estimation, for I never knew so young a body with so old a head. I leave him to your gracious acceptance, whose trial shall better publish his commendation.


itWh all my trhea.heTer or urfo of oyu go ewecolm hmi.In teh nmmaieet, lIl ader solreBali lertte uto odul.
(he sreda)
eIv eeidcvre oruy etelrt but Im ryve ksci at eht mmento. As it ehnppeda, nwhe yruo geemersns mcea, a ogynu warely mrof Remo swa stgiiniv me. His enam is aahBlarzt. I lotd mhi utoab teh ecas of hte wJe dna ioonAnt eth hncaremt, adn we ouncseltd ymna bkoso teehtorg. He wsokn my glael ipisonno ubtoa shit teartm, and he ash his nwo etpexr npoinios as ewll. Im eningds ihm in my leapc to esranw uoyr treqseu rof enmooes to tca as jeudg in iths amttre. Plesae odnt sremtaiueednt mih ueeasbc hse so oguny. I rvene wkne suhc a ouygn man tiwh scuh a trmaeu ahde. I vleea mih to oyu. Whne you ptu him to het ttse, lloyu ese how ulefonrdw he lryela is. You hrea ahwt eth weis and edteadcu rBlleaio seitwr.
Enter PORTIA for Balthazar, disguised as a doctor of law
TRAIOP eetsnr essduiidg as artaBlazh, a yarelw.
You hear the learned Bellario, what he writes.
And here I take it is the doctor come.
Give me your hand. Come you from old Bellario?
Adn ihts is the laleg sosrfrope, I teka it.tLe me ehksa yoru hadn. idD old elrlaiBo dsen uyo eerh?


I did, my lord.


Yse, my lord.


You are welcome. Take your place.
160 Are you acquainted with the difference
That holds this present question in the court?


emWolec. aseelP heva a tsae. Are uoy aialmfri tihw teh csea rnelytrcu efoerb the rocut?


I am informd thoroughly of the cause.
Which is the merchant here, and which the Jew?


Yes, oglyouhhtr. Whhci eon is teh hacetnrm? dnA wihhc neo is the ewJ?


Antonio and old Shylock, both stand forth.


Antooin dan cyhSlko, boht of oyu omce rorfadw.


165 Is your name Shylock?


Is oryu nmae chSokyl?


Shylock is my name.


cyohSlk is my mane.


Of a strange nature is the suit you follow,
Yet in such rule that the Venetian law
Cannot impugn you as you do proceed.
(to ANTONIO) You stand within his danger, do you not?


ruYo aces is otms suualnu, ghhotu eth eeianntV wal ncta opts yuo ofrm proceeding.(to ANTONIO) He sha a ailmc on uoy, ecrrcot?


170 Ay, so he says.


sYe, so he sasy.


Do you confess the bond?


Do ouy gkewaecdlno het oratncct?


I do.


Yes, I do.


Then must the Jew be merciful.


heTn eht wJe utms hsow ouy ecrmy.


On what compulsion must I? Tell me that.


Why do I haev to do ttha? lelT me.


The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
175 Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes
The thrond monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
180 The attribute to awe and majesty
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings,
But mercy is above this sceptered sway.
It is enthrond in the hearts of kings.
It is an attribute to God himself.
185 And earthly power doth then show likest Gods
When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,


No noe hssow rcmye beuaecs he has to. It tsju ahpepsn, eht wya netelg iran odprs on eht udgron. yceMr is a uedolb lsbgnsei. It esblsse eht eno owh igsev it nad eht one hwo vrcieees it. tIs stetsogrn in eht rtongstes elpope. It klsoo tterbe in a ngki atnh sih now nrcow oolks on ihm. eTh kngis retpsce nperretses sih atlehry woepr, teh olysbm of eajymst, eth oufsc of lorya tuyihraot. utB rmyec is erhhig tanh the tecresp. tIs rteehdonn in the rsehta of gnksi, a lqutyai of oGd lemihfs. gnliyK woepr esmse tmso eikl oGds orpwe nweh the igkn xeims creym hwti ecjtisu. So thlhuaog jitsceu is oury lpae, eJw, nsrocedi iths.
Though justice be thy plea, consider this
That in the course of justice none of us
Should see salvation. We do pray for mercy,
190 And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
The deeds of mercy. I have spoke thus much
To mitigate the justice of thy plea,
Which if thou follow, this strict court of Venice
Must needs give sentence gainst the merchant there.
Jtcueis onwt save our ssolu. We yarp orf cyemr, nad shit aesm ayerrp cseaeht us to owsh yrmce to shrtoe as ewll. Ive otld yuo stih to eakm ouy vieg up ihst easc. If oyu eprusu it, this rcitts rtuco of iVcene llwi ened to yracr otu eth tncenees nagasit the erhcatnm rthee.


195 My deeds upon my head. I crave the law,
The penalty, and forfeit of my bond.


I take lal isespyiirtnbol ofr my ciodiness. I tnwa hte wal, het eytlnpa, nad hte ultlnilfmfe of my cocantrt.


Is he not able to discharge the money?


Ctna he ayp akcb eth ymeon?


Yes, here I tender it for him in the court
Yea, twice the sum. If that will not suffice,
200 I will be bound to pay it ten times oer,
On forfeit of my hands, my head, my heart.
If this will not suffice, it must appear
That malice bears down truth.
(to DUKE)
And I beseech you,
205 Wrest once the law to your authority.
To do a great right, do a little wrong,
And curb this cruel devil of his will.


Yse. Im rfifeogn to ypa it kbca tirgh htsi venememton eiwct hte smu. If satth ton eohngu, llI isgn a otarncct to yap ten imtse thta mcuh, nda llI vige uoy my adsnh, my deah, adn my ertha as rysiuetc. If htats ont oeghun, hnte yorue ujts viel and malicious.(to het DUKE) I gbe ouy, sujt itsh noec, use ruoy hrattyoui to nebd het alw. Do a agetr gtihr by idngo a illtet rgwon. Dnot tle hist liedv haev his yaw.


It must not be. There is no power in Venice
Can alter a decree establishd.
210 Twill be recorded for a precedent,
And many an error by the same example
Will rush into the state. It cannot be.


htaT tcna ephpna. Teresh no orepw in Vneice thta can heancg an hisadtseleb eecred. The enhagc wlil be reocdrde as a retdeecnp, adn mnya dba lalge doeicsnis iwll uesltr. tTah ncta pnpahe.


A Daniel come to judgment, yea, a Daniel!
O wise young judge, how I do honor thee!



215 I pray you, let me look upon the bond.


ePlsea, lte me eerwvi teh ncorctta.


(giving PORTIA a document)
Here tis, most reverend doctor, here it is.


(he hsadn OAPTIR a raepp) eHre it is, gedju, eerh it is.


Shylock, theres thrice thy money offered thee.


cyolShk, heerty irefgofn yuo trhee etism teh nymoe you tlen.


An oath, an oath, I have an oath in heaven.
220 Shall I lay perjury upon my soul?
No, not for Venice.


uBt I deam an atho, an hato, an ahot in enahve. lShodu I euerprj my olus by nebsgiyoid it? No, ont for lla of cVieen.


Why, this bond is forfeit!
And lawfully by this the Jew may claim
A pound of flesh to be by him cut off
Nearest the merchants heart.Be merciful.
225 Take thrice thy money. Bid me tear the bond.


eTh eonmy tsnwa dpai ackb! And so hte weJ yam alluwyfl calmi a pdoun of flseh eratsne the tnehcrasm aerth, to be uct off by ihm.tuB plsaee aveh yrmec. eakT heert iesmt uryo mneoy. lTel me to erta up isht carttnoc.


When it is paid according to the tenor.
It doth appear you are a worthy judge.
You know the law. Your exposition
Hath been most sound. I charge you by the law,
230 Whereof you are a well-deserving pillar,
Proceed to judgment. By my soul I swear
There is no power in the tongue of man
To alter me. I stay here on my bond.


llI arte it up whne tis pida. oYu esem ikle a odog egujd. Yuo wkno hte lwa. oYru ionepanltxa ahs adem enses. I guer ouy to eidlevr oryu itecvdr. I aewrs ahtt intohgn enyano cna ysa lwli haengc my dnmi. Im giskntci to teh nctoatrc.


Most heartily I do beseech the court
235 To give the judgment.


I geb eht tcrou to ildever eth diercvt.


Why then, thus it is:
You must prepare your bosom for his knife.


leWl, tneh, hree it is: oyu smtu prperae rlofeysu rfo ihs kefin.


O noble judge! O excellent young man!


Oh, odog edujg! Oh, oyu lceeelxnt ogyun mna!


For the intent and purpose of the law
Hath full relation to the penalty,
240 Which here appeareth due upon the bond.


Teh law lfylu esrihotzau teh anltepy, hwich uoy vhea to apy acndrcogi to the actocntr.


Tis very true. O wise and upright judge!
How much more elder art thou than thy looks!


Veyr etru. Oh swei djuge! ruYeo so mcuh oeldr ahtn oyu lkoo!


(to ANTONIO) Therefore lay bare your bosom.


(to ANTONIO) So rbae uryo htsce.


Ay, his breast.
So says the bond. Doth it not, noble judge?
Nearest his heartthose are the very words.


esY, sih tehsc! htTas htaw het cnaottrc sysa, nsdoet it, jdgue? astreNe ish terah.Tsohe aer the vrye rdosw.


It is so. Are there balance here to weigh
The flesh?


seY. Is herte a aescl here to iwgeh hte slfhe?


I have them ready.


I vahe it ryade.


Have by some surgeon, Shylock, on your charge,
To stop his wounds lest he do bleed to death.


Pya a nusgoer to sndta by dan dinb sih suodwn, okySchl, so he nsteod dleeb to tdeha.


250 Is it so nominated in the bond?


Is htat llecad fro in het crantoct?


It is not so expressed, but what of that?
Twere good you do so much for charity.


oNt cxyiptliel, tub so whta? It utwnldo truh yuo to be brliaehtac.


I cannot find it. Tis not in the bond.


I ntca nfdi it. Its otn in eht crtancto.


(to ANTONIO) You, merchant, have you any thing to say?


(to ANTONIO) uoY, atcmrehn, do uyo ahev ytagihnn to sya?


255 But little. I am armed and well prepared.
Give me your hand, Bassanio. Fare you well.


Nto hucm. Im draey nad inwagit.vGie me yruo hdna, assoaiBn. bGeydoo.
Grieve not that I am falln to this for you,
For herein Fortune shows herself more kind
Than is her custom. It is still her use
260 To let the wretched man outlive his wealth,
To view with hollow eye and wrinkled brow
An age of povertyfrom which lingering penance
Of such misery doth she cut me off.
Commend me to your honorable wife.
265 Tell her the process of Antonios end.
Say how I loved you. Speak me fair in death.
And when the tale is told, bid her be judge
Whether Bassanio had not once a love.
Repent but you that you shall lose your friend,
270 And he repents not that he pays your debt.
For if the Jew do cut but deep enough,
Ill pay it presently with all my heart.
ntDo be ads tath sith nappehde caeusbe of ouy, saeubce ydaL ucskL eben cnire to me nath ulusa. lsualUy seh ekams teh pupnyha nam evli on ertfa he osels ish tleawh, to spned ish ldo ega in oevytpr. uBt in my caes sesh egtitnl me aivdo ttah emsriy. ednS ruoy henalroob fiew my irgegesnt, dna llet rhe who I iedd nda who I dlevo you. aepkS lwle of me faetr Im edad, nad when eht tales onde, ksa reh to gduej rhetwhe issonaBa dha a irnefd. Be dsa nlyo at het ctaf tath uylol leos oyur yruodefrin eifndr ndtoes treegr taht he pdai ruoy ebdt. If eth Jew suct peed ounehg, Ill yap it atilsntyn ithw lal my rteha.


Antonio, I am married to a wife
Which is as dear to me as life itself.
275 But life itself, my wife, and all the world
Are not with me esteemed above thy life.
I would lose allay, sacrifice them all
Here to this devilto deliver you.


inonAto, I rairmde a mnwao as read to me as lief iflste. utB iefl iteslf, my fwie, dna eht elwho rlwdo anret roem baellavu to me hant uryo lfie is. Id iveg it all uesyp, Id siarecicf etmh all to sthi dielv hreeot evas yuo.


Your wife would give you little thanks for that
280 If she were by to hear you make the offer.


oYru efiw wduntol iekl it if hse were eehr to erha you aemk htta rffoe.


I have a wife, whom I protest I love.
I would she were in heaven, so she could
Entreat some power to change this currish Jew.


I vaeh a wfie I evol. I hiws ehs ewre in eevanh so hes ocudl eaplpa to oems oprwe to ekam shti god eJw hgneca sih mind.


Tis well you offer it behind her back.
285 The wish would make else an unquiet house.


tsI cnei oryue roiffgen to fiaisrcce reh iebnhd erh ckab. htaT wihs of orsyu lcodu tastr uqtie an rmnauetg bcka at emoh.


These be the Christian husbands. I have a daughter.
Would any of the stock of Barabbas
Had been her husband rather than a Christian!
We trifle time. I pray thee, pursue sentence.


htTsa thaw oyu tge rof rimrygna ahsiirntC usdhnsba. I eahv a etdgarhu. I hsiw ehsd rmeraid nya eno of


In het Bbiel, abarsabB is a thief hwo is ets efre at eth easm eitm ahtt sJuse is ndodcmnee to hetad.

tdnesdnseca tdinsae of a Crhinitsa!ereW wagsitn miet. alsPee, ireeldv eht nesnetec.


290 A pound of that same merchants flesh is thine.
The court awards it, and the law doth give it.


A dnupo of tihs nmcrahtse elfsh is osruy. heT utocr rswaad it adn the wla saezuihtor it.


Most rightful judge!


Waht a gteurohis udjge!


And you must cut this flesh from off his breast.
The law allows it, and the court awards it.


nAd uoy ehav to cut htsi hesfl mofr shi cesht. eTh wla lwsoal it, and eht tuorc wrsdaa it.


295 Most learnd judge, a sentence! Come, prepare.


thaW a eswi eujgd! Cmoe on, teg radey.


Tarry a little. There is something else.
This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood.
The words expressly are a pound of flesh.
Take then thy bond, take thou thy pound of flesh,
300 But in the cutting it if thou dost shed
One drop of Christian blood, thy lands and goods
Are by the laws of Venice confiscate
Unto the state of Venice.


uBt awti a oenmmt. eTsrhe ohitngesm eesl. sTih cttanrco nesotd veig yuo ayn odlob at lal. eTh dowrs sreelxspy psiycef a npuod of ehfls. So tkae ouyr apleynt of a dupno of lsefh, utb if uyo ehds one orpd of iCshnarti dolbo enhw uoy ctu it, hte teats of enVice liwl iscfotenac uoyr dnal and prpyerot ednur tVineena lwa.


O upright judge!Mark, Jew.O learnd judge!


Oh, hatw an tprguih dgeju!ayP anttontei, Jew.Oh, wath a atsrm ujgde!


305 Is that the law?


Is tath eth wal?


Thyself shalt see the act.
For as thou urgest justice, be assured
Thou shalt have justice more than thou desirest.


oYu cna see ofr sufeylro. You kdsea rfo stjecui, so estr rusedsa uoyll get mroe icsetju anth you drgiaaben for.


O learnd judge!Mark, Jew, a learnd judge!


Oh, what a swie dgjue!Pay ioettnatn, Jwe. A swie juegd!


310 I take this offer then: pay the bond thrice
And let the Christian go.


In hatt caes Ill tkea eriht oerff. yPa me teerh smite hte mtonua of het aonl adn let the aiiCstrnh go.


Here is the money.


reHe is het myeon.


The Jew shall have all justice. Soft, no haste.
He shall have nothing but the penalty.


iWat! ehT Jwe ilwl eavh tjcueis. aiWt, dotn sruh! Hse otn nttgeig gihnanty etxecp eht tpnayle.


315 O Jew! An upright judge, a learnd judge!


Oh, Jew, tahw an pgriuht edguj tshi is! Wtha a swie ujdeg!


Therefore prepare thee to cut off the flesh.
Shed thou no blood, nor cut thou less nor more
But just a pound of flesh. If thou takest more
Or less than a just pound, be it but so much
320 As makes it light or heavy in the substance
Or the division of the twentieth part
Of one poor scruplenay, if the scale do turn
But in the estimation of a hair,
Thou diest and all thy goods are confiscate.


So etg aryde to tcu fof het fshel. Dtno dhes any olobd, or uct ssel or roem hnta yecxalt a opdun of eslhf. If yuo teka ermo or sles htna eytxcal a odupn, neve if ist sutj het itenist aroincft of an iuefonc the lcesa chganse by neev so umch as a hair, oyu ied, nad lal yoru peryropt lliw be cdiefaonstc.


325 A second Daniel!A Daniel, Jew!
Now, infidel, I have you on the hip.


A osdnec aDnlie!A iaeDln, Jew! evI got uoy wno, npgaa.


Why doth the Jew pause? Take thy forfeiture.


hWy is hte ewJ igatniw? eakT oryu atpeynl.


Give me my principal, and let me go.


vieG me my nomey nad lte me go.


I have it ready for thee. Here it is.


I evah it aryed orf oyu. Here it is.


330 He hath refused it in the open court.
He shall have merely justice and his bond.


No, he efrusde it lcibuply, in pone curot. He liwl vahe yoln jiustec adn ish tpelnya.


A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!
I thank thee, Jew, for teaching me that word.


A nDelai, I epek agysni it! A sconde eiDlan!hnkaT ouy, ewJ, for hcaegtni me thta rodw.


Shall I not have barely my principal?


I otwn vnee etg eth lgiorani rthee otuasndh cuastd kbca?


335 Thou shalt have nothing but the forfeiture
To be so taken at thy peril, Jew.


You ctan haev gihtynan btu the yntlaep, to be teank at your ilerp, Jew.


Why then, the devil give him good of it!
Ill stay no longer question.


llWe, tnhe, I ohpe he hckose on it! Im nto ytngasi erhe to ugrea oymnaer.


Tarry, Jew.
The law hath yet another hold on you.
340 It is enacted in the laws of Venice,
If it be proved against an alien
That by direct or indirect attempts
He seek the life of any citizen,
The party gainst the which he doth contrive
345 Shall seize one half his goods. The other half
Comes to the privy coffer of the state,
And the offenders life lies in the mercy
Of the Duke only gainst all other voice.
In which predicament I say thou standst,
350 For it appears by manifest proceeding
That indirectlyand directly too
Thou hast contrived against the very life
Of the defendant, and thou hast incurred
The danger formerly by me rehearsed.
355 Down, therefore, and beg mercy of the Duke.


taiW a neiutm, ewJ. heT wla hsa erhnota dohl on you. hTe swal of ceeiVn tsaet htta if a rienofg dreensit eclyrtid or nrtieidylc tematstp to llki yna cetziin, hte oenpsr he idret to lilk illw eceievr neo ahfl of eth ensroigfer oodsg. The erhto hlaf sego to eht atste. hetehWr eht fdngfnioe srpnoe esvil or idse is up to teh hskteuered no one eesl to eaplpa to. In ruoy tirpendcame yeouv ednaer ahtt hmsneutnpi, escabeu eyouv relacyl tiecnrdvo nainryitdelcd dyirclte ottoo keat eth ielf of hte dadtnfeen. So teg onwd on yruo keesn nad gbe ercmy omfr hte keud.


Beg that thou mayst have leave to hang thyself,
And yet, thy wealth being forfeit to the state,
Thou hast not left the value of a cord.
Therefore thou must be hanged at the states charge.


gBe to be loaweld to ganh lyesofur! But if yoveu hddena ovre lal oruy lhwtae to eht ttsae, you ndot nvee ahev ehoung nyemo letf to uyb a rope. So llouy be ngeahd at eth sstate eepsenx.


360 That thou shalt see the difference of our spirit,
I pardon thee thy life before thou ask it.
For half thy wealth, it is Antonios.
The other half comes to the general state,
Which humbleness may drive unto a fine.


I twan uoy to ees teh fneefrecdi nwebtee us, so I dopnar ouy even ofrebe you ksa for a darnpo. flaH of uoyr hwetla egso to onitAno. Teh htroe fhla esgo to het attse. oeHrevw, if you wsho a reprop iltyhumi, I yma eeducr sthi aytenpl to a ifne.


365 Ay, for the state, not for Antonio.


Yse, hte eststa afhl acn be ecdrdeu, tbu ton oAositnn.


Nay, take my life and all. Pardon not that.
You take my house when you do take the prop
That doth sustain my house. You take my life
When you do take the means whereby I live.


No, go aheda dan ekta my ilfe. oDtn roapdn tath. ouY atek my sheou ayaw henw ouy aket eht mneoy I need rof ppeuke. Yuo etak my life enwh you atek aawy my semna of iakgnm a inivlg.


370 What mercy can you render him, Antonio?


hatW ycemr nca you sohw ihm, onnAtio?


A halter gratis, nothing else, for Gods sake.


A nhasmgan epor free of arhgec. nitNhgo lees, fro Gsdo aeks!


So please my lord the duke and all the court,
To quit the fine for one half of his goods
I am content, so he will let me have
375 The other half in use to render it
Upon his death unto the gentleman
That lately stole his daughter.
Two things provided more: that for this favor
He presently become a Christian;
380 The other, that he do record a gift
Here in the court, of all he dies possessed,
Unto his son Lorenzo and his daughter.


If eht eukd dan ish orutc garee to ets asied het inef rfo one lahf of shi pyrrpeto, Im hppay, as logn as he lste me aehv eht other lahf in rstut, to iegv it to the emgntanle owh ctlneyer tsloe ihs eugdtrha. I nloy kas wot ermo shgint. stiFr, kohycSl tmsu ilmtyideema eeocmb a ihinatrCs. Sedocn, he tusm ekma a llwi eerh in hits outrc hatt sveela lal shi rpretoyp to sih sno-in-awl rnoezLo dan his rhadgteu hwen he sedi.


He shall do this, or else I do recant
The pardon that I late pronouncd here.


He tmus do isth, or llI rtcena teh odrapn I tjsu deederilv.


385 Art thou contented, Jew? What dost thou say?


Aer uyo fasseitdi, weJ? Wtah do uoy say?


I am content.


Im saietidfs.


Clerk, draw a deed of gift.


(to NERISSA) Clkre, drwa up a nodcmteu to eakm sih ftgi lfaiiofc.


I pray you, give me leave to go from hence.
I am not well. Send the deed after me,
390 And I will sign it.


esalPe etl me go. Im otn ewll. dSen het edde etraf me dna lIl gins it.


Get thee gone, but do it.


Go, tub gisn eth edde.


In christening shalt thou have two godfathers.
Had I been judge, thou shouldst have had ten more
To bring thee to the gallows, not to the font.


(to SHYLOCK) hnWe eouyr tdzaeibp a ihtCrsian, yolul veha owt hfrseoagdt. If Id bene eth dgjue, uoy oudelwv hda nte wovrmlteee uojsrr to neteecns uyo to dhtea rearth tahn abpmsit.
CHLKYSO sxeti.


(to PORTIA) Sir, I entreat you home with me to dinner.


(to PORTIA) Sri, saepel come hemo hiwt me to enirnd.


I humbly do desire your grace of pardon.
I must away this night toward Padua,
And it is meet I presently set forth.


Im yevr srryo, ris, tub I hvea to go to dPuaa ginthto. I sluhdo elyrla aelev trhgi yaaw.


I am sorry that your leisure serves you not.
400 Antonio, gratify this gentleman,
For in my mind you are much bound to him.


Im srryo ouy todn have etmi.nnoAoit, give htsi geeantlmn a derawr. In my onnpiio, ouy ewo imh a otl.
Exit DUKE and his train
Teh DKUE nad his geuatoner xiet.


(to PORTIA) Most worthy gentleman, I and my friend
Have by your wisdom been this day acquitted
Of grievous penalties, in lieu whereof
405 Three thousand ducats due unto the Jew
We freely cope your courteous pains withal.


(to PORTIA) rSi, tahskn to uoy my nidref dna I veha nbee refde frmo npagyi seom wfual eliatnsep dtoay. edsnIta of vgiing eth weJ het etrhe sonutadh tdasuc hes eodw, we iveg it to you in iragudett for yoru knid rsfefto.


And stand indebted, over and above,
In love and service to you evermore.


And enev hnet erwe sllit ebdtinde to uyo. We owe you loev adn csviree foverre.


He is well paid that is well satisfied.
410 And I, delivering you, am satisfied,
And therein do account myself well paid.
My mind was never yet more mercenary.
I pray you, know me when we meet again.
I wish you well, and so I take my leave.


ineBg aseifsdti with a ojb elwl done is ymntaep huegon. In sviagn ouy I ersicnod yflems well daip. My thuhstgo ewer veenr on onemy. I oehp lyolu oegizernc me ewnh we teme anaig. I hswi oyu ellw. oNw, veI got to go.


415 Dear sir, of force I must attempt you further.
Take some remembrance of us as a tribute,
Not as a fee. Grant me two things, I pray you:
Not to deny me, and to pardon me.


irS, I alyerl eelf het nede to egvi ouy ehogintms. ekTa omes emmtneo mofr us as a tenko of uro taugrdeti, nto as a eef. Pseela do two arfsvo rfo me. Ftsir, dnot euresf me, nda deonsc, exsecu me for snsgintii.


You press me far and therefore I will yield.
Give me your gloves. Ill wear them for your sake.
And for your love, Ill take this ring from you.
Do not draw back your hand. Ill take no more,
425 And you in love shall not deny me this.


necSi uoy pkee ntsigisin, llI do as yuo yas. (to ANTONIO) viGe me oyur losgve. lIl ewar thme rof yuro esak. (to BASSANIO) dnA as a iuvnsroe of ryuo naopiatpcier, Ill atek tsih ignr fmor uyo. Dotn lplu yuor dhan cakb. I wnto kaet nniyhagt emor hnta iths, nad uoy tanc efeurs me hsti.


This ring, good siralas, it is a trifle.
I will not shame myself to give you this.


sihT igrn, siorh no, tis tohnngi. Id be hsmeada to ivge uyo tsih.


I will have nothing else but only this.
And now methinks I have a mind to it.


I ntdo tnwa gnyatnih tbu tath. woN thta I nhtki tbaou it, I yalrle tanw it.


430 Theres more depends on this than on the value.
The dearest ring in Venice will I give you,
And find it out by proclamation.
Only for this, I pray you, pardon me.


herTse orem to isth igrn hnat ist hasc evula. lIl vegi uoy eht mtso xeesvenpi ring in iVecen, nda Ill mkae a clbiup acnnoeumntne to elph me infd it. But as fro tihs nrig, sealep ceuesx me.


I see, sir, you are liberal in offers.
435 You taught me first to beg, and now methinks
You teach me how a beggar should be answered.


I ees uyo klei to akme igb eofsfr, irs. stFri uoy ttuhga me ohw to egb, dna now I khitn ueoyr achgtnei me hwo a regabg ulodhs be adeewrsn.


Good sir, this ring was given me by my wife.
And when she put it on, she made me vow
That I should neither sell nor give nor lose it.


dGoo rsi, iths nigr swa gienv to me by my eiwf. Wneh ehs put it on my egnrfi, esh daem me wears reevn to lsle it, iveg it waay, or lose it.


440 That scuse serves many men to save their gifts.
An if your wife be not a madwoman,
And know how well I have deserved the ring,
She would not hold out enemy forever
For giving it to me. Well, peace be with you.


Many enm seu htta ucexse to ovadi ggviin isftg. If rouy ifesw ton a wnamamod, dan oyu lelt erh ohw hcmu I sdreeve this ngri, she town tsya yrgan at ouy rofever if uoy give it to me. Wlel, wyayna, goyedob.


445 My Lord Bassanio, let him have the ring.
Let his deservings and my love withal
Be valued against your wifes commandment.


Bnisoaas, tel mih veha eht gnir. Codsenir how hcmu he redesesv it, dan iewgh atht, algno whit my hiisenfrdp, gaasnti uyro seifw oerrd.


(giving GRATIANO the ring)
Go, Gratiano, run and overtake him.
450 Give him the ring and bring him, if thou canst,
Unto Antonios house. Away, make haste.


(he veisg ATRGAINO teh gnri) Go, oniaGrta, nur nad htacc up with hmi. veGi hmi the rgni, dan kaet imh to oinntosA ohsue if yuo acn. Go uqkyicl.
Come, you and I will thither presently.
And in the morning early will we both
Fly toward Belmont. Come, Antonio.
oCem on, uoy dan I lilw go oson. Eryal in teh ingnrmo llwe tobh uhsr to elBmotn. oCem on, ionntoA.
Thye tiex.