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The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare

  Act 3 Scene 1

page Act 3 Scene 1 Page 6

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But Antonio is certainly undone.


But Antonio’s certainly ruined.


105Nay, that’s true, that’s very true. Go, Tubal, fee me an officer. Bespeak him a fortnight before.—I will have the heart of him if he forfeit, for were he out of Venice I can make what merchandise I will.—Go, go, Tubal, and meet me at our synagogue. Go, good Tubal. At our synagogue, Tubal.


That’s true, that’s very true. Tubal, go find me a police officer to arrest Antonio. Get him ready two weeks ahead of time.—I’ll take Antonio’s heart if he can’t pay. With him out of Venice, I can make whatever bargains I want when I lend money.—Go, Tubal. Meet me at the synagogue.
Exeunt severally
They exit.