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I must needs tell thee all. She hath directed
How I shall take her from her father’s house,
What gold and jewels she is furnished with,
What page’s suit she hath in readiness.
35If e'er the Jew her father come to heaven,
It will be for his gentle daughter’s sake.
And never dare Misfortune cross her foot
Unless she do it under this excuse:
That she is issue to a faithless Jew.
40Come, go with me.
(gives GRATIANO the letter)
   Peruse this as thou goest.
Fair Jessica shall be my torchbearer.


I have to tell you everything. She’s told me how I can get her out of her father’s house. She’s also told me what gold and jewels she owns, and she’s described the


A page is a young male servant.

uniform she’s keeping to wear as a disguise. If her father ever goes to heaven, it’ll be because his daughter’s so good. She’ll never be punished with bad luck—unless it’s because her father is an unbelieving Jew. Come with me. (gives GRATIANO the letter) You can look this letter over as you go. Beautiful Jessica will be my torchbearer.
They exit.