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The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare

  Act 2 Scene 6

page Act 2 Scene 6 Page 4

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Fie, fie, Gratiano! Where are all the rest?
'Tis nine o'clock. Our friends all stay for you.
No masque tonight. The wind is come about.
Bassanio presently will go aboard.
65I have sent twenty out to seek for you.


Gratiano, where is everybody? It’s nine o'clock! Our friends are all waiting for you. There’s no masquerade tonight. The wind is blowing right, so Bassanio’s going onboard immediately. I’ve sent twenty people to look for you.


I am glad on ’t. I desire no more delight
Than to be under sail and gone tonight.


I’m glad. I want to head out tonight.
They exit.