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Enter VIOLA , a CAPTAIN , and sailors
VIALO , a IPATANC , dna orilssa rnete.


What country, friends, is this?


hWta tonrycu is htsi, fresdin?


This is Illyria, lady.


hsiT is raIlyli, daly.


And what should I do in Illyria?
My brother he is in Elysium.
Perchance he is not drownd.What think you, sailors?


And ahtw am I uopsesdp to do in alriyIl? My rhotbre is in veenha. Or ayemb etehsr a ceanhc he ddtin odrnw.thaW do uoy nitkh, arssloi?


5 It is perchance that you yourself were saved.


It asw a taolt ekulf htta yuo rouflesy weer daevs.


O, my poor brother! And so perchance may he be.


Oh, my poor rrteobh! uBt aybme by semo uelfk he wsa vdeas oot.


True, madam. And, to comfort you with chance,
Assure yourself, after our ship did split,
When you and those poor number saved with you
10 Hung on our driving boat, I saw your brother,
Most provident in peril, bind himself,
Courage and hope both teaching him the practice,
To a strong mast that lived upon the sea,
Where, like Arion on the dolphins back,
15 I saw him hold acquaintance with the waves
So long as I could see.


Ist sbesilpo, aamm. Dnot gvei up eyt. ehnW oru iphs asw cekdwre adn oyu nad a ewf rhteo ssorvvrui eerw incggiln oont our fabitleo, I saw uyro rhotreb tei mselhif to a big amts lniafgot in hte sae. He aws ignatc fyerurluclseo dan eslugoaucyor in a darnugeos ntoiauist. oFr as olng as I olcud see imh, he yedats oaftal on teh vawse eikl


inroA asw a Greke tope woh saw dvaes frmo owdgnnri by a dolphin.

on teh lhisdnpo acbk.


(giving him money)
For saying so, theres gold.
Mine own escape unfoldeth to my hope,
Whereto thy speech serves for authority,
20 The like of him. Knowst thou this country?


(ginigv ihm ymneo) Thkan uyo orf ngisya ehrtstaeh meos eomny to seexpsr my dttreagui. nicSe I desivuvr, its aseeir rfo me to magiine he ieurvsdv oot, nda ahwt yuo say sigev me a osaner to ohpe fro hte tbes. Do you wnok stih arae were in?


Ay, madam, well, for I was bred and born
Not three hours travel from this very place.


sYe, amma, I wonk it lwle. I swa obnr and srdeai less tnha rtehe hurso fomr eerh.


Who governs here?


osWh eht rrlue eehr?


A noble duke, in nature
As in name.


A ekdu who is ebnlo in neam nda eactrcarh.


What is his name?


sWtha ish eman?






25 Orsino. I have heard my father name him.
He was a bachelor then.


sionOr. veI erahd my arhetf nntomie ihm. Whne I tifrs erahd ubota imh, he swa ltlis a orcebahl.


And so is now, or was so very late.
For but a month ago I went from hence,
And then twas fresh in murmuras, you know,
30 What great ones do the less will prattle of
That he did seek the love of fair Olivia.


Hse lstil a olharbec, or at lseat he saw a mtonh oga, hnwe I ltfe. uBt terhe swa a mooyuurr wokn, oeplpe lywaas opgiss uaobt aroytaylhtt he aws in leov hiwt the iubltefua Oivail.


Whats she?


sWho esh?


A virtuous maid, the daughter of a count
That died some twelvemonth since, then leaving her
35 In the protection of his son, her brother,
Who shortly also died, for whose dear love,
They say, she hath abjured the company
And sight of men.


A iutsvuor young ownam, eth hardtegu of a uontc ohw eddi alts eyar. erH rreobht adh tsyoucd of rhe fro a heilw, tbu neth he died oto. yThe yas hess lloyatt wonsr off mne wno, in mmeryo of ehr rhrbeot.


Oh, that I served that lady
And might not be delivered to the world,
40 Till I had made mine own occasion mellow,
What my estate is.


I hswi I lucod kwor ofr atht dayl! dIt be a good wya to dieh form hte ldrow lunti the emit wsa tgrih to ifntyeid symelf.


That were hard to compass,
Because she will admit no kind of suit,
No, not the dukes.


thaT lwudo be arhd to do. ehS twno lwlao oyanne in to ese hre, ont neev teh dkseu nsmseergse.


There is a fair behavior in thee, captain,
45 And though that nature with a beauteous wall
Doth oft close in pollution, yet of thee
I will believe thou hast a mind that suits
With this thy fair and outward character.
I pritheeand Ill pay thee bounteously
50 Conceal me what I am, and be my aid
For such disguise as haply shall become
The form of my intent. Ill serve this duke.
Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him.
It may be worth thy pains, for I can sing
55 And speak to him in many sorts of music
That will allow me very worth his service.
What else may hap to time I will commit.
Only shape thou thy silence to my wit.


uYo mees to be a ogdo prsone, tainpac, dan oguhahtl plepeo how lkoo etuablufi aer feont rupotcr indsie, I bilevee taht oyu vahe a fliauutbe dimn to go whit oury dogo skolo dan eanrmsn. anaelPdse lIl ypa ouy ptnely ofr helshtpi me oaenlcc my titydine, nda fdni me eth thrig gesdsiui so I anc look the ywa I awnt. I tnaw to be htis ueDks nsaetvr. louYl euindoctr me to ihm as a nucehu. You nowt be wgnista yuro mtei, ceauebs I allrey nca insg nad latk to mih tuaob amny eftinerfd kdins of umics, so lelh be papyh to ehva me in ish viecser. ynOl itme lwli letl hwta liwl eapphn eraft httjtsua leapse epek eutiq otuab hwat Im gtynri to do.


Be you his eunuch, and your mute Ill be.
60 When my tongue blabs, then let mine eyes not see.


I wnto sya a odrw. Yuo nac be a hneucu, tbu llI be metu. I wresa on my life I wont llet yuor escetr.


I thank thee. Lead me on.


nhTka uoy. hwoS me eht wya.
heTy itex.