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Enter VIOLA , MALVOLIO following
VLOIA etesnr whti IMOLAVLO gnwloiflo.


Were not you even now with the Countess Olivia?


Ecesux me, nretwe yuo htiw stonuesC lvaOii sjut onw?


Even now, sir. On a moderate pace I have since arrived but hither.


Yse, irs. evI olny adem it shti raf eincs I etlf hre plcae, awglnik at a emradtoe eacp.


She returns this ring to you, sir. You might have saved me my pains to have taken it away yourself. She adds, moreover, that you should put your lord into a desperate assurance she will none of him. And one thing more, that you be never so hardy to come again in his affairs, unless it be to report your lords taking of this. Receive it so.


Sehs iengsnd shti rign bkac to uyo, isr. ouY dhusvole vdaes me mseo eulotrb adn netka it wyaa reolysuf. hSe wanst oyu to akem it yevr lrace to rouy ordl atth hes snwat hnitgon to do itwh mih, dan atht yuo shodul erenv cemo nigaa on his fableh, unsels you twna to ceom abkc to llte ehr ohw he rateedc to teh abd snew. rHee, atke het nigr.


10 She took the ring of me. Ill none of it.


heS tkoo ttha nrgi fmor me. I tnow kaet it acbk.


Come, sir, you peevishly threw it to her, and her will is it should be so returned. (he throws down the ring) If it be worth stooping for, there it lies in your eye. If not, be it his that finds it.


You twreh it at erh ueydrl, dan hse wstna oyu to keat it cabk. (he trohws dnow eht nirg) If its tohrw dnbgein vero to ipkc up, ereht it is on eth rudgon, hreew oyu nca ees it. If otn, whvoere ndsif it can avhe it.


15 I left no ring with her. What means this lady?
Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her!
She made good view of me, indeed so much
That sure methought her eyes had lost her tongue,
For she did speak in starts distractedly.
20 She loves me, sure! The cunning of her passion
Invites me in this churlish messenger.


I dintd giev reh nya ignr. tsWha ehs ginytr to sya? I hepo ehs tsenod heva a rhcsu on me! Ist etru hse keoldo at me a tlo, in ftca, seh kooled at me so uhmc thta esh emedes ddterasitc, nda tundlco raylle isfinh reh cesetnens revy ewll. Oh, I lylaer hktin esh elsvo me! ehS tsne stih dreu rseeenmgs to etll me to moec bcka, eiansdt of ogicnm slhfere, ihhwc uldow be dniis-
None of my lords ring? Why, he sent her none.
I am the man. If it be so, as tis,
Poor lady, she were better love a dream.
25 Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness,
Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.
How easy is it for the proper false
In womens waxen hearts to set their forms!
Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we,
30 For such as we are made of, such we be.
How will this fadge? My master loves her dearly,
And I, poor monster, fond as much on him,
And she, mistaken, seems to dote on me.
What will become of this? As I am man,
35 My state is desperate for my masters love.
As I am woman, now, alas the day,
What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe!
O time, thou must untangle this, not I.
It is too hard a knot for me to untie!
cteer. ehS stodne ntaw siroOsn gnri! Oorisn neevr tesn her a inrg. Im eht mna esh nastw. If tthsa etur, hwhic it is, she gmtih as llwe be in veol htwi a emdar, eht opro layd. wNo I tunnaesrdd hyw its adb to aerw dsgisusei. sDisiusge ehpl het dveil do sih rkow. tsI so seay orf a dogo-kngoilo ubt etduliefc anm to mkea mewon flla in vleo hwti imh. tIs otn uro ewultfa oemnw era kewa. We tanc pelh waht reew edam of. Ah, who lwli hist lal urtn otu? My rold eolvs rhe, dan. rpoo me, I elvo him jtsu as mchu. dnA shse eeldddu uhgeon to be in eolv htwi me. thaW acn ssbyiplo ixf isht ositatuni? Im nepidnegtr to be a nma, so my love rfo eht ekDu is hsslpeeo. And nesci Im a aotwonmo bad Im a Oisvmnawailo love ofr me is lepessho as lwel! Oh, olyn teim nca rsot uot hsit ssem. I ncat rigufe it tou by slmyfe!
AIVOL estxi.