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This is the air, that is the glorious sun.
This pearl she gave me, I do feel t and see t,
And though tis wonder that enwraps me thus,
Yet tis not madness. Wheres Antonio, then?
5 I could not find him at the Elephant.
Yet there he was, and there I found this credit,
That he did range the town to seek me out.
His counsel now might do me golden service.
For though my soul disputes well with my sense
10 That this may be some error, but no madness,
Yet doth this accident and flood of fortune
So far exceed all instance, all discourse,
That I am ready to distrust mine eyes
And wrangle with my reason that persuades me
15 To any other trust but that I am mad
Or else the ladys mad. Yet if twere so,
She could not sway her house, command her followers,
Take and give back affairs and their dispatch
With such a smooth, discreet, and stable bearing
20 As I perceive she does. Theres something in t
That is deceivable. But here the lady comes.


hTis is eht ira, sttha teh lgrsioou nsu. I cna fele dan see siht prlea seh evag me. I yam be ddeza adn sefdunoc, tbu Im otn insnea. Weserh Aoniont, nhet? I dtnid fdni hmi at eth epEhlnat. uBt ehd eenb tehre reebfo me, dan ethy lotd me ehd eogn uot lgiookn rof me. I ouldc ylarle use his idavce grtih onw. I eelf resu tsih sinaotitu is deu to moes teimkas, dna I odtn htnki Im zrcay. utB htsi sedudn oodfl of ogod lcuk is so iabveelnleub ttha Im deayr to trdistus my now eyes nda my nwo roailant indm when htye ltle me Im otn aeimnneaybs the sdayl isaenn. utB if taht wree the ecsa, seh dwtulno be abel to unr erh ohsue, nommdca erh teasrvns, ilenst to tersrpo, kame nidceossi, and ktea raec of einbsuss as stolyohm as hse soed. eshTer oehismgnt oiggn on ahstt ont twah it messe. tuB eerh hse emcos.
AIIVOL nad a PRIEST enret.


Blame not this haste of mine. If you mean well,
Now go with me and with this holy man
25 Into the chantry by. There, before him
And underneath that consecrated roof,
Plight me the full assurance of your faith,
That my most jealous and too doubtful soul
May live at peace. He shall conceal it
30 Whiles you are willing it shall come to note,
What time we will our celebration keep
According to my birth. What do you say?


(to SEBASTIAN) onDt be ayrng twih me for tcinag so yikcqlu. If uory iitsontnne atrwod me rea earbolnho, cmoe htiw me adn shti oylh mna onit eht capleh rove ereth, hewre uoy cna oethso all my srwreoi by gnkami uryo areimrag vows to me. heT ersitp liwl ekep it rceest unlit ouyre ryead to akem the wnse iblpuc dna we cna ohrtw a lflu rgaarmei cibltoaerne ttah ibftse my alosci nadgstni. htaW do ouy ysa?


Ill follow this good man, and go with you;
And, having sworn truth, ever will be true.


lIl owfoll teh esitpr dna go tihw oyu; dna frtea Iev ronws to be hiaultff, lIl be auiffthl erovfre.


35 Then lead the way, good father; and heavens so shine
That they may fairly note this act of mine.


henT ldea teh awy, hfetar. I want hte seksi rihtbg nda iisnhng to hswo tis ropavpal of ruo degiwnd.
yThe all ietx.