Twelfth Night

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter VIOLA, MALVOLIO following
VIOLA enters with MALVOLIO following.
Were not you even now with the Countess Olivia?
Excuse me, weren’t you with Countess Olivia just now?
Even now, sir. On a moderate pace I have since arrived but hither.
Yes, sir. I’ve only made it this far since I left her place, walking at a moderate pace.
She returns this ring to you, sir. You might have saved me my pains to have taken it away yourself. She adds, moreover, that you should put your lord into a desperate assurance she will none of him. And one thing more, that you be never so hardy to come again in his affairs, unless it be to report your lord’s taking of this. Receive it so.
She’s sending this ring back to you, sir. You should’ve saved me some trouble and taken it away yourself. She wants you to make it very clear to your lord that she wants nothing to do with him, and that you should never come again on his behalf, unless you want to come back to tell her how he reacted to the bad news. Here, take the ring.
10She took the ring of me. I’ll none of it.
She took that ring from me. I won’t take it back.
Come, sir, you peevishly threw it to her, and her will is it should be so returned. (he throws down the ring) If it be worth stooping for, there it lies in your eye. If not, be it his that finds it.
You threw it at her rudely, and she wants you to take it back. (he throws down the ring) If it’s worth bending over to pick up, there it is on the ground, where you can see it. If not, whoever finds it can have it.
15I left no ring with her. What means this lady?
Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her!
She made good view of me, indeed so much
That sure methought her eyes had lost her tongue,
For she did speak in starts distractedly.
20She loves me, sure! The cunning of her passion
Invites me in this churlish messenger.
I didn’t give her any ring. What’s she trying to say? I hope she doesn’t have a crush on me! It’s true she looked at me a lot, in fact, she looked at me so much that she seemed distracted, and couldn’t really finish her sentences very well. Oh, I really think she loves me! She sent this rude messenger to tell me to come back, instead of coming herself, which would be indis-

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