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Further Study


Further Study Quiz

1. What organization is Socrates returning from at the beginning of the dialogue?

2. What do Socrates's friends ask him about first upon his arrival?

3. Who is Charmides' "guardian"?

4. Which two major qualities does sophrosyne connote?

5. What makes Socrates feel a "wild-beast appetite"?

6. Why does Socrates claim to be a bad judge of beauty in youths?

7. What illness does Charmides complain of?

8. Where does Socrates claim to have gotten his "charm" cure from?

9. What question opens the Socrates dialogue with Charmides?

10. What is Charmides' first definition of temperance?

11. Who does Socrates quote as saying, "Modesty is not good for a needy man"?

12. What does Socrates claim about the definition of temperance as "doing our own business"?

13. Who does Critias quote on the nature of work?

14. Which "sciences" serve as Socrates's two most frequent examples in the Charmides?

15. What does Critias claim about the true nature of the Delphic oracle's statement, "Know thyself"?

16. What does Critias object to in Socrates's manner of argument?

17. Critias initially proposes that temperance is a science of what?

18. Which example does Socrates see as a possible case of something defined by self- relation?

19. Why does Socrates claim to keep the discussion going after he perplexes Critias?

20. A major problem with the knowledge of knowledge is that the man who has it knows that he knows, but cannot know what?

21. What figure does Critias's nitpicky distinctions between working, doing, and making remind Socrates of?

22. How does Socrates introduce his anxiety about the idea of the perfect, wisdom- governed state?

23. What does Socrates worry might be missing from the perfect, wisdom-governed state?

24. What is the problem, by the end of the dialogue, with Socrates's "charm" to produce temperance?

25. What relation to Socrates does Charmides occupy by then end of the dialogue?

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