Explain and analyze the Cartesian Circle. Is Descartes guilty of circular reasoning?


Explain the distinction between formal and objective reality. What things have what kind of reality?


Analyze and evaluate the two proofs of God's existence. How are they different? Is one more convincing than the other? Why did Descartes think he needed two proofs? Do they do different work for him?


Explain the relationship between intellect and will, according to Descartes, and how it is possible that we err.


Does Descartes give a satisfactory account of human error, given a perfect and divine creator? Are Descartes's arguments convincing, or does it still seem unnecessary and less than perfect that God created us with flaws?


How do mind and body interact? How does the body affect the mind? And how does the mind affect the body?


Explain the distinction between primary and secondary qualities. How do we perceive them and what kind of knowledge do we have of them?


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