1. What two images does Dickinson use to symbolize “success” in “Success is counted sweetest”?

2. What does the poet describe as “the Door ajar” in “I cannot live with you”?

3. Who is entombed near the speaker of “I died for Beauty”?

4. Which of the following poets was Dickinson’s close friend and mentor in Amherst?

5. In “Because I could not stop for Death,” what does the speaker pass by during her carriage-ride with Death?

6. Which of the following does the bird not do in “A bird came down the walk”?

7. What is “all we know of heaven / And all we need of hell”?

8. What can the brain absorb, according to one Dickinson lyric?

9. In “I heard a Fly buzz,” what cuts the speaker off from the light?

10. Where did Dickinson die?

11. How many poems were discovered among Dickinson’s belongings after she died?

12. What animal is “public” in “I’m Nobody”?

13. What does the speaker feel when she sees the snake in “A narrow Fellow”?