[H]orror and doubt distract His troubled thoughts, and from the bottom stir The hell within him; for within him hell He brings, and round about him, nor from hell One step, no more than from himself, can fly By change of place[.] (IV, 18–23)
For never can true reconcilement grow, Where wounds of deadly hate have pierc’d so deep; Which would but lead me to a worse relapse And heavier fall: so should I purchase dear Short intermission with double smart. (IV, 98–102)
Thus while he spake each passion dimm’d his face, Thrice chang’d with pale ire, envy, and despair; Which marr’d his borrow’d visage, and betray’d Him counterfeit, if any eye beheld: For heavenly minds from such distempers foul Are ever clear. (IV, 114–119)