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1Which of the following is Tennyson least likely to have read before 1850?

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2“The Apostles” was the name of:

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3Which university did Tennyson attend as an undergraduate?

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4The inspiration for “Mariana” comes from which of the following Shakespearean plays?

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5Which of the following famous phrases did Tennyson pen?

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6For which of the following poems is classical mythology not the primary inspiration?

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7 Which of the following poems includes a choric song?

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8“The Epic” was written as a frame for which of the following poems?

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9Which of the following historical events does “The Charge of the Light Brigade” describe?

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10Which of the following is true of each of the four parts of “The Lady of Shalott”?

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11 Where did Tennyson conceive of the idea for “Tears, Idle Tears”?

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12The final section of “In Memoriam” describes the marriage between which two people?

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13To which of the following poetic genres does “In Memoriam” belong?

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14The characters in “The Epic” include all of the following except:

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15All of the following poems mention bells EXCEPT:

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16 Which Romantic poet was still alive when Tennyson published his 1842 collection?

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17The notion of “crossing the bar” is a metaphor for

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18Tithonus is loved by the goddess of what?

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19In which of the following poems did Tennyson intend to discuss the relationship between men and women in Victorian England?

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20Which of the following best characterizes the mood of “Mariana”?

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21Which of the following poems is NOT written in blank verse?

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22In contrast to his earlier poetry, Tennyson’s later poetry can be characterized as:

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23In which of the following periods was Tennyson least respected in the English-speaking world?

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24The poetic form of the dramatic monologue is characterized by which of the following?

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25Which of the following is true of each section of “In Memoriam”?