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Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare
Further Study

Companion Texts

Further Study Companion Texts

University of Oxford Podcasts: Twelfth Night


This lecture podcast explores the role of Antonio in Twelfth Night, and explores questions of sexuality, desire, and the nature of romantic comedy.

Twelfth Night on BardCast


This podcast discusses the virtue of Twelfth Night as a work of comedy.

Close Reads Episode #76, Twelfth Night, ep.1


This podcast explores different critical approaches to Shakespeare, key Renaissance metaphors that are essential to understanding Twelfth Night, and more.

Film production of Twelfth Night, directed by Kenneth Branagh (1988)


This 1988 English television adaptation of Kenneth Branagh’s stage production for the Renaissance Theater Company of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night makes use of Victorian costumes and setting decor. 

Film production of Twelfth Night, starring Geoffrey Rush (1986)


This 1986 Australian film production of Twelfth Night, directed by Neil Armfield, stars Geoffery Rush as Sir Andrew Aguecheek. The production makes use of modern (1980s) costumes and setting decor.

Twelfth Night: Madness


This a short collection of films offers performance extracts from the National Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night, alongside interviews with the cast and director about elements of the play.