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Who is Orsino in love with at the beginning of the play?

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Complete the quote: "If music be the food of _____, play on."

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Where does Twelfth Night take place?

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Why is Olivia unwilling to receive any visitors?

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How does Viola come to be at Orsino’s court?

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Why is Sir Andrew Aguecheek staying at Olivia’s home?

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How does Viola disguise herself?

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What is Malvolio’s position?

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What is Sir Toby’s great vice?

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Who does Orsino send to carry his messages to Olivia?

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Who does Viola fall in love with?

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Who does Olivia fall in love with?

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Who is Sebastian?

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Who forges the letter that Malvolio thinks is from Olivia?

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What does the forged letter make Malvolio believe?

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Who takes care of Sebastian after he is shipwrecked?

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Who challenges Cesario to a duel?

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What does Malvolio wear in the hope of pleasing Olivia?

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Why does Antonio travel to Illyria?

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Why does Sir Andrew try to fight with Sebastian?

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What do Sir Toby and the others do to Malvolio?

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What disguise does Feste wear when he speaks with Malvolio?

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Who does Olivia marry?

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When he realizes that Cesario is a woman, what does Orsino do?

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Which character does not get married (or plan to) at the end of the play?