1) Is Antonio in love with Sebastian?

Antonio’s love for Sebastian becomes so strong, it appears romantic in nature. One possible reason for Antonio’s attachment is that he rescued Sebastian and nursed him back to health. As Antonio explains, “His life I gave him and did thereto add / My love, without retention or restraint” (5.1.). Sebastian also seems to be very handsome and charming, as evidenced by Olivia’s intense attraction to him, which perhaps increases Antonio’s fondness. Because of his affection for Sebastian and desire to be close to him, Antonio follows Sebastian to Orsino’s court even though he acknowledges that “I have many enemies in Orsino’s court” (2.1.). As a consequence for helping Sebastian, Antonio later accepts his arrest at the hands of Orsino’s men, stating “This comes with seeking you / But there’s no remedy” (3.4.). We never learn the exact motivation for Antonio’s deep attachment to Sebastian, but Antonio is evidently in love.