1. Where was Andrew Jackson most likely born?

2. How did Jackson's oldest brother die?

3. Jackson killed how many people in duels?

4. Jackson conducted his first military campaign against which Indian tribe?

5. Who nominated Jackson for the Presidency in 1824?

6. Jackson's execution in Florida of two men from which European country helped start an international incident?

7. How many bills did Jackson veto?

8. Whom did Jackson nominate to be minister to Britain?

9. Which U.S. President almost censured Jackson?

10. Jackson grew up in what part of South Carolina?

11. Put these pieces of legislation in chronological order: Bank Bill, Force Bill, Maysville Road Bill, Tariff of 1832.

12. In what setting did Jackson and Vice President Calhoun publicly exchange views on nullification?

13. How many times did Jackson marry his wife?

14. What was the group of Jackson's unofficial Presidential advisors called?

15. Jackson's government spent fifteen million dollars fighting which Indian tribe?

16. What year was the first major Tariff of Jackson's administration passed?

17. Why was Jackson wary of credit?

18. Jackson served as governor of what territory?

19. How many times was Jackson officially censured?

20. Jackson recognized what independent nation in 1837?

21. How many years after Jackson's first Senate censure did the Senate expunge that censure?

22. Why was Jackson nicknamed "Old Hickory"?

23. How much was Jackson fined for contempt of court in New Orleans?

24. Whom did Jackson nominate to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

25. Which state threatened to secede during the Nullification Crisis?

26. The Nullification Crisis happened because of what bill?

27. After surviving the Nullification Crisis, Jackson got an honorary degree from what university?

28. Jackson beat which popular Tennessee governor to be major general of the state's militia?

29. What did Jackson announce in December 1834?

30. Jackson contracted what disease while in a British prison camp?

31. Who beat Jackson in the election of 1824?

32. How much of the nation's loans did the Second Bank control at its peak?

33. Who ran against Jackson for the Presidency in 1834 on the National Republican ticket?

34. The U.S. Senate censured Jackson for what in 1834?

35. Whom did Jackson accuse of a "corrupt bargain" after the election of 1824?

36. Why did the government pay Jackson $2,372 in 1844?

37. The Senate rejected which of Jackson's nominees to punish Jackson for the Bank fiasco?

38. Jackson upheld the Supreme Court's decision to stay the execution of an Indian by what state?

39. Jackson imposed what treaty on the Seminoles?

40. How many times did the Tennessee legislature nominate Jackson for the Presidency before he won it?

41. Jackson forced France to repay what debt?

42. In order to preserve financial responsibility, Jackson asked Congress to do what?

43. Jackson's policy of Indian removal led to what tragedy during Van Buren's presidency?

44. Jackson first used what Constitutional tool?

45. Jackson resigned from what position to run for President in 1824?

46. Jackson avenged the failed nomination of Roger Taney as secretary of the treasury by appointing him what?

47. What do Presidential candidates Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tilden, and Al Gore all have in common?

48. Jackson holds the distinction of being what?

49. What was Jackson's estate called?