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SparkAchieve Your Best Finals Grades Ever

For some people, finals are like an cloud of dread looming heavy on the horizon—inevitable and always in sight. For others, they’re more like that guy Eric from Biology class who inexplicably kicks you in the shins and then runs away laughing. But whatever your study persona—whether you’re a cloud-of-doom scholar or a hopeless case of this-exam-is-a shin-kick-from-Eric-that-I-did-not-see-coming—here are some tips and tricks that can help you maintain your sanity and achieve–nay, SparkAchieve—your best grades ever.

For making flashcards… Flashcards are pretty much the worst thing ever—they take forever to make, and if you drop them outside on a windy day, well, don’t even get me started. But they’re super effective in terms of rote memorization. So if you need to memorize all the treaties of World War II, but you don’t actually care about all the treaties of World War II, this is how you force that information into your brain. Since this is 2022, you don’t even need actual, tangible notecards—you can put them on your phone with one of the many free flashcard apps (iFlash, Flashcards+, etc.), or, even better, you can sign up for SparkNotes PLUS and use the brillz flashcards we created for you! We’ve got 50 cards for each of our top 75 titles, meaning that it’s never been easier to SparkAchieve an A.

For quizzing yourself… It’s not always easy getting someone to help you study, particularly if this person is not a classmate or your parent and has no vested interest in your academic achievement. That’s where our Quick Quizzes come in, and we have them for more than 100 titles! They cover major events in every chapter/act, important characters, significant literary devices, and more! (Check out this one for the major characters in The Great Gatsby, and this one for the themes, motifs, and symbols in Hamlet). It’s all the fun of taking quizzes without the added dread of sitting in a classroom and knowing the clock is counting down, forcing you to make tough decisions in fits of frantic desperation like you’re a character in the Saw movies.

For writing essays… Citing sources is a pain in the butt, because Past You and Present You have completely different priorities. Past You just wanted to get this quote down before your brain imploded; Present You is now wading through a sea of notes trying to find the source. Fortunately, we’ve got an entire Citation guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of citing sources, so you can SparkAchieve an A even in the terrifying face of MLA, APA, and and Chicago Manual of Style citations!

Now go forth and ace your finals—it’s time to SparkAchieve your best grades ever!