Levene: They signed, Ricky. It was great. It was fucking great. It was like they wilted all at once. No gesturenothing. Like together. They, I swear to god, they both kind of imperceptibly slumped.

Here in Act Two, Levene is describing to Roma the sale he has made that morning to the Nyborgs. This is a great triumph for Levene, who tells the story with relish. But the scene he is describing is not a jubilant or even pleasant one. The Nyborgs' "imperceptible slump" is a sign of defeat. The way Levene describes it, it would seem that after twenty-two minutes of watching Levene hold his pen over the contract, waiting for them to decide, the Nyborgs had decided to relent just to get him out of their house. Whereas Roma, a great salesman, has the ability to make people truly believe that they want what he is selling, Levene seems quite content to merely wear down his clients, as if he were winning a staring contest. This quote vividly illustrates Levene's sales technique, and when compared with Roma's sale to Lingk, it becomes apparent why Levene is having so much trouble selling.