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Herod offers Salomé a flock of what birds in place of Jokanaan's head?

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Salomé is not only Herod's step-daughter but also his what?

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What authorizes Jokanaan's execution?

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Who does not believe in omens, miracles, and "symbolism"?

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What lights Salomé at the very end of the play?

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Who is warned against looking at Salomé?

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What part of Jokanaan does Salomé not praise?

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To whom was Herodias first married?

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Why can Caesar not come to Judaea?

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Which of the following jewels does Herod not offer Salomé in place of Jokanaan's head?

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What is the name of the young Roman in Herod's court?

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Salomé's feet are continually compared to what?

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When do Herod and Herodias come on the scene?

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What color is Jokanaan's hair?

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How does Salomé die?

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Which of Messiah's miracles does Herod forbid?

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The Page compares the moon to what?

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Herod compares the moon to what?

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Who hears the angel of death that Jokanaan envisions?

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According to Tigellinus, who are the "perfectly ridiculous" Romans who commit suicide?

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What is Herod's title?

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What has Herod stolen from the temple?

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What is the Young Syrian's title?

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Which of the following nineteenth-century authors did not write an adaptation of Salomé?

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Where was Salomé written?