A mortal remade as High Fae, Feyre starts out as a broken and traumatized figure. Her depression is ironic because she is supposed to be living happily ever after with Tamlin, the High Lord she was willing to die for. She suffers from nightmares so terrible that they make her vomit, and she relies heavily on Ianthe as a crutch to get her through daily life at the Spring Court. Uncomfortable in her faerie body, she hasn’t yet learned to control her new physical strength or tap into her magical powers. Struggling to recover from her trauma, Feyre is thin and frail at the beginning of the narrative, and she has also lost her love of painting, which was once central to her identity.  

Despite her depression, Feyre maintains a strong drive to live with purpose, which she pursues by trying to help the Spring Court rebuild after the devastation of Amarantha’s reign. But the citizens of the Spring Court don’t trust her, and Tamlin encourages her to devote herself to domestic chores, parties, and art instead of politics, physical training, and magic. Stifled by her assigned role at the Spring Court, Feyre is unable to heal. This all changes after she visits Rhysand’s moonstone palace to fulfill their bargain. Rhysand opens her eyes to the fact that she may have inherited special powers from the High Lords who resurrected her, and he offers to teach her to read and to shield her mind from mind-readers.  

With Rhysand’s training, Feyre becomes physically and magically stronger, and she starts to heal emotionally. Her flirtatious relationship with Rhysand restores her sense of humor and helps distract her from painful nightmares and memories. Feyre views herself as a huntress with the soul of an artist, even though her artistic drive goes dormant after the trauma of her captivity. As she heals, she regains her will to paint. Feyre’s journey of healing and personal transformation is so successful that, by the end of the story, she is ready to be sworn in as High Lady of the Night Court and take an active role in shaping Prythian’s future.