1. What is Adam Bede’s profession?

2. What religion is Dinah Morris?

3. Where does Dinah Morris live for the majority of the novel?

4. Which of the following is NOT a reason Hetty goes to Windsor?

5. Whom does Adam marry?

6. Who stays with Adam during the trial?

7. What is the outcome of Hetty’s trial?

8. What does Captain Donnithorne give Hetty?

9. Why doesn’t Adam go to Ireland?

10. With whom does Mr. Irwine live?

11. Of the following, who is alive at the end of the novel?

12. What is Adam’s dog’s name?

13. Whom does Adam beat up?

14. Where does Hetty meet Captain Donnithorne for the first time?

15. Of the following, who is NOT a Methodist?

16. Who of the following testifies at Hetty’s trial?

17. What is Hetty’s child’s name?

18. Of the following, who does not leave Hayslope at any time during the novel?

19. Which of the following is NOT one of Hetty’s chores at Hall Farm?

20. Where does Captain Donnithorne go after Hetty’s trial?

21. Who is NOT at the Harvest Supper?

22. What does Mrs. Irwine give as a prize at Captain Donnithorne’s party?

23. Adam Bede is an example of which school of writing?

24. Who is Mr. Irwine?

25. Why does Dinah go to Stoniton?