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What position does Cromwell offer Rich in exchange for Rich’s false testimony at More’s trial?

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What did a woman use to attempt to bribe More?

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Which of the following roles does the Common Man not play?

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What is the name of the boat King Henry sails down the Thames to meet Sir Thomas?

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How long has More been in jail by the time we see him there in Act Two?

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What saying does the Common Man come up with to justify the way he treats the imprisoned Thomas More?

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Why does More suddenly let Roper marry his daughter?

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What charge must Cromwell trump up in order to be able to execute Sir Thomas?

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Who isn’t mentioned by the Common Man as someone who ends up being executed in the aftermath of the events depicted in the play?

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Where is More’s house?

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Where does the family find Thomas when he should be getting ready for the king’s arrival?

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Why does Norfolk participate in the persecution of his friend More?

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To which character does More display his passionate side?

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What book of the Bible does Henry quote to support his claim that his first marriage was invalid?

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What heretic does Cromwell attempt to associate with More?

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Why does Thomas refuse to tell his family what he thinks about the divorce and the Act of Supremacy?

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What does More burn to warm his house when he is poor?

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What is Roper’s religion at the beginning of the play?

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What job does More recommend that Rich take at the very beginning of the play?

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What does Rich say he will do with the money he gains from selling the silver cup?

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What position does Rich take after More first refuses his request for work?

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What phrase does the publican repeat in his conversation with Cromwell?

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Who tells More that he’s behaving “like a printed book”?

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Henry’s first queen is named

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In his preface, which man does Bolt not cite as an influence in writing his play?