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Animal Farm

George Orwell
Further Study

Companion Texts

Further Study Companion Texts

In Our Time: Animal Farm


In Our Time is a long-running BBC radio program and podcast. In this episode, host Melvyn Bragg discusses Animal Farm with leading specialists in Orwell’s life and work.

Animal Farm and the Beast Fable


This article about Animal Farm’s genre contains links to many documents and photographs from the British Library’s vast collection of Orwell-related material.

The Sunday Edition: The Russian Revolution From Idealism to Terror


The CBC’s radio/podcast series The Sunday Edition tackles the history of Soviet Communism. This episode covers the period from the Revolution to the Stalinist terror, roughly the period allegorized in Orwell’s novel.

George Orwell


Run on a non-profit basis, this website compiles many useful articles about and by Orwell, including dozens of articles about Animal Farm and the novella’s connections to the author’s biography.

Why I Write


Animal Farm made Orwell a famous writer. He published this essay to explain what motivated him to write Animal Farm and his other works.