Kate Chopin

This episode of the History of Literature Podcast by Jacke Wilson briefly touches on Chopin’s life and influences before reading and discussing her short story “Desirée’s Baby.” Wilson offers a close reading of the story while discussing its continued relevance and resonance. 

Kate Chopin: A Re-awakening

Louisiana Public Broadcasting has uploaded their short 1998 documentary on the life and times of Kate Chopin, featuring commentary from scholars of Chopin’s work and Chopin’s grandson, Dave Chopin. 

Creoles in Literature

This short article from a New Orleans art and culture magazine discusses the varied portrayals of Louisiana’s Creole population, including those by Kate Chopin. The article includes internal links to other relevant articles from 64 Parishes. 

The Kate Chopin International Society

The website of the Kate Chopin International Society is a treasure trove of useful information on Chopin's life and works. Their question and answer page on The Awakening includes responses from scholars of Chopin’s work, which can be helpful in forming your own interpretation.  

The Gibson Girl’s America: The Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson

This digital exhibit from The Library of Congress explores the figure of the Gibson Girl and the New Woman that emerged in the late 1890s through the art of Charles Dana Gibson. Although some of her writing predates Gibson’s art, her heroines embody the spirit of the Gibson Girl and the changing roles of women in her time.  

The History of Grand Isle

This short article offers an overview of the history of Grand Isle, Louisiana, where the first half of The Awakening takes place, offering insight into the novel’s setting. It also includes links to more in-depth videos on Grand Isle history.