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Where is 124 located?

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Who tells Sethe that her scars resemble a chokecherry tree?

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What does Sethe do while under the delusion that Mr. Bodwin is schoolteacher, who has come to take her back to Sweet Home?

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Where does Denver habitually go to find solitude and solace?

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Which set of schoolteacher’s lessons does Sethe find most shocking?

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What is Beloved doing when Sethe first sees her?

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What allows Paul D to escape from prison in Georgia?

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What is signaled by the return of Here Boy?

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What prevents Baby Suggs from sensing schoolteacher’s approach?

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Who saves Denver’s life in the woodshed?

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Why does Denver stop going to Lady Jones’s school?

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Who helps Sethe find safety after she escapes from Sweet Home?

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Where is Denver born?

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Where does Miss Bodwin want to send Denver?

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Who are the “men without skin”?

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According to Paul D and Sethe, why does Halle slather butter on his face?

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After whom is Denver named?

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By whom does Denver believe Sethe is being choked as they sit in the Clearing?

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What causes Denver to lose her hearing temporarily?

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How does Denver regain her hearing?

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What finally convinces Sethe that Beloved is her daughter’s ghost?

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What disconcerts Denver as she leaves the Bodwins’ house?

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What sudden memory concerning her mother most shocks Sethe?

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When does Paul D tell Sethe she is her own “best thing”?

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How does Denver regard her father?