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Who is Esther’s biological mother?

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Which three men propose to Esther?

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Who is Howland, the lodger?

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How does Krook die?

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What is the subject of the feud between Mr. Boythorn and Sir Leicester?

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How does Lady Dedlock find out that her daughter is alive?

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Which adult character claims to be nothing but a child?

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When Mr. Jarndyce is upset, which direction does the wind blow?

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What is the name of Esther’s new home?

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With what continent is Mrs. Jellyby obsessed?

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Who narrates Bleak House?

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What is Mr. Woodcourt’s profession?

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How does Mr. Jarndyce propose to Esther?

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Who killed Mr. Tulkinghorn?

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Who gets rich from Jarndyce and Jarndyce?

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How are George and Mrs. Rouncewell related?

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What does Caddy Jellyby teach?

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What are Mr. Skimpole’s greatest weaknesses?

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What is one notable habit of Mr. Boythorn?  

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What kind of creature does Miss Flite house?

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What is one of Esther’s nicknames?

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What is the lasting effect of Esther’s smallpox?

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Whom does Esther finally marry?

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How does Mr. Skimpole betray Mr. Jarndyce?

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What is Esther’s prized possession as a child?