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Where does the "tree" referred to in the title grow?

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What do Francie and Neeley do to make a few pennies throughout their childhood?

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What does Miss Tynmore, the piano teacher, say that Francie will be when she grows up?

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When Johnny dies, who offers Francie and Neeley work so that their family may have enough money to survive?

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Why does Katie originally fall in love with Johnny?

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Why does Aunt Evy take over her husband's (Uncle Willie's) milk route?

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Who sends Francie flowers on her graduation day?

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What does Katie whisper in Johnny's ear, just a few weeks before he dies?

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Why do some people think that Aunt Sissy is a bad woman?

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Who shoots the sex offender in Brooklyn?

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What does Mary Rommely advise Katie to do with the money she saves in her tin-can bank?

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What is the Nolan's religion?

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What does Francie burn after talking to her English teacher?

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What is Katie's job?

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What happens after Lee Rynor goes home?

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What will Annie Laurie's last name be?

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What happens to Francie that makes Katie think she can no longer protect her?

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What does the tree man think when he throws the tree at Francie and Neeley?

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Which of the following is not a place Francie visits the last Saturday in the book?

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Where will Francie go to college?