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What is Buck?

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Where does Buck live at the beginning of the novel?

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What is the name of Buck's first master?

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Who kidnaps Buck from his home?

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Which dog gets killed immediately upon her arrival in the North?

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What is the profession of Francois and Perrault?

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Who is Buck's great rival on the team of dogs?

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What event intervenes to stop a fight between Buck and Spitz?

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What event brings about the final confrontation between Buck and Spitz?

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What does Buck demand after Spitz's death?

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Who buys Buck and the other dogs when they are sold by the mail company?

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What does Mercedes insist on doing that slows the sled down?

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What happens to the dogs during Hal and Charles's trip to Dawson?

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How does John Thornton save Buck's life?

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What happens to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes after they leave John Thornton's?

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How does Buck save John Thornton's life?

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What bet does Thornton win with Matthewson?

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What does Buck do when Thornton gets into a bar fight?

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What quest sends Thornton and his friends into the wilderness?

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While the men camp and look for gold, what does Buck do?

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What kind of animal does Buck spend four days hunting?

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What does Buck find when he returns from hunting?

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What happens to John Thornton?

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What does Buck learn when he attacks the Yeehat Indians?

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What does Buck do at the end of the novel?