Ali Kondey is the male counterpart to Esi’s character. Attractive, intelligent, and well-educated, Ali is a worldly man. His job as the head of a travel agency suits his wandering personality, which constantly seeks not only new experiences, but new women as well. Ali has grown up in two distinct worlds: his father’s world and the Western world in which he was educated. Like his father, Ali believes he can possess as many women as he wants, on account of his charm and wealth. He takes Esi as a second wife, even though he knows that his first wife and love, Fusena, will never be able to fully accept it. He places limits on Fusena’s ambitions and prevents her from completing her degree. Even after marrying two women, Ali continues to acquire new mistresses, which causes both of his wives to feel abandoned. In a traditional, male-dominated society such as the one in which Ali’s father grew up, such behavior would have been accepted. But Ali lives in a different world. He knows that it may very well be impossible to maintain a marriage with two contemporary women, and yet he tries anyway, because he believes he can purchase whatever he wants.