As Esi’s best friend, Opokuya Dakwa inhabits a space in between the nearly extreme independence that Esi represents and the traditional role expected of a woman in the household. Like Esi, Opokuya has her own career that is personally and financially rewarding. She is educated and clearly has the freedom to pursue her career. At the same time, Opokuya has a large family and a husband. She struggles to manage the demands of her job and family, and it is evident that the two demands take their toll on her emotional well-being. Nonetheless, Opokuya manages to fulfill all of the roles demanded of her by her life. She is at once a dedicated nurse and a dedicated mother and wife, but her life is not easy. She begins her days fighting with her husband. The fact that she rarely wins their morning dispute over the car is frustrating for Opokuya, but also clearly not enough of a problem for her to ever contemplate leaving her husband. In the end, Opokuya is able to resolve her morning disputes with her husband by obtaining her own car, thereby demonstrating her ability to be both an independent, modern woman, and a loving wife.