Changes: A Love Story is a postcolonial African novel.


The novel is narrated by a third person omniscient narrator.

Point of View

The third person narrator of the novel frequently moves from one character of the next. The narrator describes not only the actions but also the thoughts and feelings of each character.


The narrative tone of the novel is both empathetic and critical.


The narrative of Changes is told exclusively in the past tense.

Setting (Time & Place)

The narrative of the novel is told over the course of several years, beginning with Esi’s decision to divorce her first husband and concluding with the collapse of her second marriage. Changes takes place Accra, Ghana, contemporary to the time it was written in the 1980s and early 1990s.


Esi Sekyi is the protagonist of Changes.

Major Conflict

Esi’s troubled marriage with her second husband, Ali Kondey, is the major conflict of the novel.

Rising Action

The rising action of Changes is the start of Ali and Esi’s affair.


Ali’s proposal to Esi is the climax to the narrative.

Falling Action

The wedding ceremony between Ali and Esi is the novel's falling action.


Ali’s frequent absence from Esi’s life and his decision to take her as a second wife foreshadow his future betrayal of her.