Esi Sekyi is the paradigm of the strong, independent woman. In addition to having a job that pays more than her husband’s job, Esi owns the home in which she lives. She has a master’s degree and genuinely enjoys her career. Advancing within her profession is as much a priority for her as her family. Given the traditional role that women were generally expected to play within the family, Esi’s strong will and independent nature is unique. Esi comes to represent the emergence of a new feminine identity—one that can compete equally with men in terms of financial and personal security. At the same time that Esi may want the freedom to pursue her own career and desires, she still very much wants to love and be loved. What she sees in Ali is the potential to have both the freedom that she desires and the love that she needs. Although Esi tries very hard to live her life according to rational principles, she finds herself feeling devastated and lonely because of her relationship with Ali.