“I insist upon my rooms being beautiful! I can’t abide ugliness in factories! In we go, then! But do be careful, my dear children! Don’t lose your heads! Don’t get overexcited! Keep very calm!”

This quotation comes in the middle of the story, just as the children enter the chocolate factory with Mr. Wonka. The quotation is rife with absurdities and foreshadowing, which are two common elements weaved throughout the entire text. The entire string of words flowing from Mr. Wonka’s mouth is punctuated by his excitement, yet he tells everyone to remain calm. This renders his advice extremely difficult to heed. Mr. Wonka cannot abide ugliness, yet he lets four extremely ugly children into his factory. By telling the children not to lose their heads and mentioning that he cannot abide ugliness, Mr. Wonka foreshadows the calamitous ends that four of the children will meet.