Brint is a cold, calculating figure. His only desire is to see if Adam knows anything about the information his father testified about. Brint manipulates Adam during their conversations, and makes him believe that he is merely a "guide." Underneath his cold stoicism there is something sinister about the way Brint evades questions and sedates Adam, but the worst revelation comes at the end, when we find out that Brint works for the same "Agency" as Grey and, despite knowing that Grey has betrayed the Farmers, seeks to reinstate Grey and "terminate" Adam. As such, Brint is a looming example of corrupt authority. Though he could have been a father figure to Adam, who is in desperate need of one, he victimizes Adam in the same way Grey and the family's "Adversaries" did to the Farmers. One of the more harrowing details of his relationship with Adam is Adam's acknowledged dependence on Brint. He knows Brint is using him for some reason, but needs him to restore his memory.