“The only thing I’ve come up with is that changing the simulation isn’t what they care about; it’s just a symptom of something else. Something they do care about.”

Tris has viewed Tori, a Dauntless tattoo artist, as an ally ever since Tori deleted the test results that revealed Tris was Divergent. Here, Tris has sought Tori out to learn more about what Divergence entails. Though Tori is initially reluctant to provide details, she tells Tris that she knows about it because her brother was Divergent too. Divergents are able to manipulate or even stop a simulation because they’re aware it’s not real. It’s a rare ability that the Dauntless consider very dangerous – so dangerous that they killed her brother and made it look like suicide. Tori’s musings about the simulation suggest that something sinister is going on behind the scenes, and whatever it is must be related to the training simulations. Tori’s speculation reminds readers that Tris’s ability to manipulate the simulations puts her life in danger, and her subsequent warning to Tris to “be careful” creates a sense of ominous foreboding. Her story about her brother also indicates that Dauntless has considered Divergence dangerous for some time, giving readers a first inkling that an organized government plot may be afoot.