"What good did it do, worrying and making plans, and more plans, if the first plans failed. It was like money. If you had it, good. I you didn't, then you had to find a way to earn it. There was nothing to be gained by fretting over maybes."

In Chapter 6 of Part Two, Dicey, having recently been rescued by Will and Claire from Mr. Rudyard, is contemplating what might happen to the children in Crisfield. Shortly before this point in time, Dicey has become increasingly anxious and controlling about money and trust. She decides the children must walk despite the fact they still have forty dollars and she feels they must earn money by picking tomatoes for Rudyard in case things do not go well with their grandmother. Moreover, after their encounter with Rudyard, Dicey finds herself inspecting every house they pass suspiciously and wondering what will happen if their grandmother is as evil as Mr. Rudyard. Her time with Will and the circus, however, loosens Dicey's grip on her surroundings. Dicey realizes that they were as lucky to be saved by Will as they were unlucky to fall into Rudyard's hands, and she realizes that through the trials they faced during the summer, they have gained the understanding and skill they need to earn money, if and when they need it. Thus, Dicey takes a step Momma perhaps never could take. She realizes that the fact they have come this far testifies to their ability to cope, and trusts in that ability.