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Other than the missing radio, what clue is left at the scene of the crime?

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Which of the following statements about Holcomb is not true?

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How are Dick and Perry executed?

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Who is Nancy Clutter's boyfriend?

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How did Perry's parents meet?

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In Mexico, Perry is photographed with

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Why does Perry resent Lowell Lee Andrews?

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Other than money, what do Perry and Dick take from the Clutter home?

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What does Perry depict in pastels?

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In addition to murder and theft, what crime does Dick hope to commit in the Clutter household?

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What event coincides with the start of the trial?

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Where is the trial held?

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Where are Perry and Dick arrested?

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The Clutter's farm was near what town?

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While in Mexico, Perry and Dick spent time with a tourist of what nationality?

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As a child, where was Perry physically abused because he was a bed wetter?

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Who was murdered in the basement den?

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How long do Dick and Perry spend on death row?

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Dick learned of the Clutter family from whom?

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What is the name of the KBI agent in charge of the investigation?

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How many Clutter children are there?

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Which of the following ailments applies to Bonnie Clutter?

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Where do Dick and Perry spend Christmas?

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Which crime does Dick regularly commit?

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What is Perry's primary reason for returning to Kansas?