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In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

The Answer: 2 of 2

Summary The Answer: 2 of 2


Dick and Perry sit under an umbrella at a beach in Miami. It is Christmastime. Dick goes for a walk and tries to befriend a young girl. Noticing this is enough to disgust Perry and interrupt his contemplation of suicide.

On Christmas morning, Bobby Rupp remembers how he would always brave the snows to walk over to the Clutter house and give Nancy her present. Bobby goes out running mindlessly and ends up in Mr. Clutter's prize orchard, where the fruit is rotting in the Indian summer.

Dick and Perry, having run out of money, are returning to the West, looking for work. In Texas, they pick up a young boy and his decrepit grandfather. Dick is scared the grandfather will die in the car, but is mollified by the boy's ability to spot empty bottles along the roadside--which they pick up and cash in at a roadside restaurant.

On December 30, Alvin Dewey is called out of the shower to answer a phone call. As his wife wonders why he is dripping water everywhere, he suddenly hugs her. He has not taken a minute off from the case since it began in mid-November.

A police officer in Las Vegas spots the killers' license plate, just after Perry picks up the memorabilia he mailed from Mexico City to his old hotel.

In the Las Vegas police station, the four KBI agents--Dewey, Nye, Clarence Duntz, and Roy Church--are preparing to question Dick and Perry. Nye has the flu. The prisoners believe they are being questioned for passing hot checks.