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In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

The Answer: 1 of 2

Summary The Answer: 1 of 2

Floyd Wells hears news of the Clutter murders over the radio while reclining in his jail cell. He is shocked. He never thought Dick Hickock, his former roommate, would go through with his plans. Wells, a former River Valley Farm employee, told Hickock of the Clutter fortune, and Hickock bragged that he and Perry would steal it. He waits for several weeks and then, about the time Dick and Perry are hitchhiking, Wells nervously reports this information to the authorities.

Alvin Dewey enters his home to find his wife preparing dinner. He listens to her for a while, then breaks the news, showing her mug shots of the two men. He is very excited.

Harold Nye, another KBI agent assigned to the Clutter case, visits the home of Dick Hickock's family. He doesn't mention the Clutter case, and leads Dick's parents to believe that he is interested in Dick's spree of hot checks. He learns that Dick supposedly visited Fort Scott on the weekend of the murders, and he spots a shotgun leaning against the wall.

Still hitchhiking, Dick and Perry finally get a ride with a lone man who seems fairly well-to-do. Just as Dick gives Perry the symbol to club the driver's head with a rock, the driver sees another hitchhiker and pulls over to pick him up, blissfully ignorant of almost being killed.

Nye goes to Las Vegas, where he speaks to Perry's old landlord. She is not much help, but he does find a box of memorabilia that Perry left behind.

Nye visits Barbara in San Francisco. Her children and husband are playing in the back yard, and she is expecting guests. She reports that she has not heard from Perry and would report it if she did. Later that night she settles down with a photo album and remembers how her love for Perry waned and how he always blamed her for having an education.