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In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

Persons Unknown: 1 of 2

Summary Persons Unknown: 1 of 2


A group of Mr. Clutter's old hunting buddies goes to clean up the house, considering it their "Christian duty." Meanwhile, the KBI, begins its investigation. Alvin Dewey is in charge. Dewey has no clues, save for a footprint and a missing radio. He suspects more than one murderer was involved. He is unsure of motive, because there was little money in the house that could be stolen. Also, he guesses that the murderers were close to the family because they seem to have known the layout of the house. Mr. Clutter was tied down in the furnace room, his neck was slit, and he was shot in the head. Kenyon was tied down to a couch in the basement rec room and shot, while Nancy and Mrs. Clutter were tied down and shot in their respective beds.

Paranoia and mistrust spread through Holcomb. The Clutters were perhaps the most secure, upstanding family in the community. No one now feels safe.

In the town of Olathe, Perry and Dick are eating in a diner. Dick has a ravenous appetite, but Perry eats little. He is worried that they will be caught. He gets Dick to admit that he had some incorrect information.

Susan Kidwell attends the Clutter funeral service. She remembers Nancy and her pet horse, Babe. She sees Nancy in her coffin, her head surrounded with cotton. A thousand people attend the funeral.

Dick and Perry move from shop to shop in Olathe, writing hot checks, and sometimes getting cash back. Soon their car is full of items that they can pawn.

Back in Holcomb, Dewey cannot sleep because his phone is constantly wringing. Everyone has a "tip," and each tip must be thoroughly investigated. His wife, Marie, wonders if they will ever have a normal life again.