Harold is an architect and the husband of Lena St. Clair. Harold and Lena were both working at the same architectural firm when they met and fell in love. After some time, Lena encouraged Harold to begin his own firm as she recognized his talent. Harold followed Lena’s advice and began his own successful firm, where Lena also started working.

Harold is portrayed as proud, hardworking, miserly, and fair to a fault. After many years of working under Harold, Lena realizes she will never be promoted in the firm because Harold is too afraid of the backlash if he promotes his own wife. Harold also insists that his and Lena’s financial relationship remain as “equal” as possible. The couple holds separate bank accounts and splits every bill evenly despite there being a stark imbalance of income. At first, Lena agrees with this approach. However, as time goes on, she begins to understand that Harold lacks the trust and respect needed to fully commit himself to her.