Why does Jing-mei go to China?

Jing-mei flies to China with her father to unite with her long-lost half-sisters. The twins, Chwun Hwa and Chwun Yu, were separated from their mother, Suyuan, as babies in war-torn China. After years of searching, Suyuan was never reunited with them before her death. Jing-mei travels in her mother’s place to meet them. On a thematic and spiritual level, this trip to China and the reclamation of her Chinese identity serve as bridges connecting Jing-mei to her late mother.

Why did Waverly stop playing chess?

Waverly grows tired of her mother’s involvement and personal pride in Waverly’s chess-playing abilities. After her mother brags and takes credit for her success, Waverly decides to quit the game to spite Lindo. This hiatus continues for a while, as Waverly is determined to not let her mother win the figurative battle. After a period of Waverly and Lindo giving each other the silent treatment, Waverly does eventually return to chess. However, she finds that it no longer feels as satisfying and without Lindo’s interest and investment, her passion for the game is gone. This devastating blow to her confidence causes Waverly to lose several games. Waverly finally decides to quit playing chess altogether.

Why did Suyuan Woo begin the Joy Luck Club?



Along with three other women, Suyuan started the original Joy Luck Club in China as a distraction from the atrocities of the war. The club allowed the women to congregate and create a joyful experience through conversation, food, and mahjong. It was the only respite they had in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

In San Francisco, Suyuan begins the second chapter of the Joy Luck Club with three new women, all of whom emigrated from China. Suyuan’s reasons for establishing the second chapter are much the same as her reasons for establishing the first. The club gives the four women opportunities to focus on memories and activities that bring them joy. Whereas the Chinese chapter of the Joy Luck Club was started to distract from the horrors of war, the American chapter is intended to help the women escape the challenges of being thrust into a new culture.

What happened to the Hsu family on the beach?

On a family trip to the beach, Rose was instructed to keep an eye on her youngest brother, Bing. However, after losing sight of Bing while she breaks up her other brothers’ fight, Rose realizes that he has drowned in the ocean. After a long search, the family determines that Bing cannot be found or recovered.

The next morning, Rose and her mother return to the beach where An-mei determines that God will return Bing. However, after offering prayers and sacrifices on the shore, An-mei understands that Bing is surely gone. For Rose, this incident increases her self-doubt and diminishes her own perception of her value as she blames herself for Bing’s tragic death. For An-mei, this incident marks the dissolution of her faith.

Why does Lindo call Waverly “American-made”?

After Waverly expresses a desire to travel to China, Lindo rejects the idea that Waverly could ever fit in there due to being “American-made.” Lindo states that the Chinese people would immediately be able to distinguish that Waverly is American and not Chinese. In this context, “American-made” can literally mean that Waverly was born in America and has spent no time in China. However, the term can also represent Lindo’s own disappointment in her failure to teach Waverly more about her Chinese heritage. In this sense, Lindo made Waverly American, and Lindo is regretful of that.