Ted Jordan is a dermatologist and the estranged husband of Rose. Ted is depicted as a career-focused individual with parents equally as invested in his future. Despite the warnings from their mothers, Ted and Rose cling to each other and marry.

Early in Ted and Rose’s relationship, a particular dynamic is born. Rose refuses to make any decisions regardless of their importance, leaving Ted to decide everything, from furniture purchases to which neighborhood they lived in. Initially, this dynamic works for the couple. However, after a series of misfortunes including Ted being sued for malpractice, Rose’s inability to decide becomes unbearable for Ted and he asks for a divorce. To Ted, their imbalanced power dynamic has become undesirable and unattractive, and he desires to share the burden of agency with his wife. Rose later learns that Ted had affairs during his business trips, inspiring Rose to stand her ground for once and demand an equitable divorce settlement. Rose’s demand surprises Ted, who thought Rose incapable of standing up for herself.