Rich is the white fiancé of Waverly Jong. Rich is depicted as an outsider to not only the Jong family, but also to the Chinese community due to his naivety and sensitivity. Despite these apparent shortcomings, Rich is relentlessly devoted to Waverly, their eventual marriage, and Waverly’s daughter Shoshana.

Rich’s character serves to reveal Waverly’s inner turmoil. Waverly knows she wants to marry Rich, but she is terrified to tell her mother, especially after the failure of her previous marriage. Waverly fears her mother’s disapproval of Rich, and worries that Lindo could spoil their relationship with her criticisms. When Waverly brings Rich to dinner at Lindo’s house, Waverly fears his etiquette blunders have ruined any prospect of Lindo’s approval. On the contrary and much to Waverly’s surprise, Rich’s enthusiasm and devotion to Waverly won over Lindo.