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What game do the members of the Joy Luck Club play?

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How did An-mei Hsu receive the scar on her neck?

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How does the red candle predict the success of Lindo and Tyan-yu’s marriage?

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What happens to the candle?

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What does Ying-ying’s Amah teach her that girls should do?

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What is the source of Waverly’s first chess set?

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What does Ying-ying say is wrong with the St. Clairs’ apartment?

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What is the name of Rose Hsu Jordan’s youngest brother?

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How do Rose and An-mei return to the beach to look for Rose’s drowned brother?

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Why doesn’t Jing-mei’s piano teacher, Mr. Chong, insist that she play the correct notes?

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What does Ying-ying say when Lena fails to eat every last grain of rice in her bowl?

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What gift from Rich does Waverly show to her mother?

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What material element does An-mei say is lacking symbolically in Rose’s character?

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What is the name of the pendant that Suyuan gives to Jing-mei?

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What is wrong with one of the crabs that Suyuan and Jing-mei buy for their New Year’s dinner?

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Why does Suyuan end up not eating any crab at all during the celebration?

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What does An-mei’s mother tell her to do rather than cry?

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What is deceptive about the necklace that Second Wife gives to An-mei?

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What measures does Suyuan take to try to ensure that her twin daughters are returned to her after the war with Japan?

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What does Jing-mei eat for her first meal in China?

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What distressed Lindo about her recent trip to China?

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What is Ying-ying’s first step in trying to make Lena realize the problems with her marriage and do something about them?

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What does An-mei use as a prop to keep her kitchen table from wobbling?

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What does Lindo call Waverly’s psychiatrist?

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Where does Suyuan meet her husband, Canning?